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Looking for high-five or Freya low rate


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Looking for a low rate but without the quests for class update (I know lame) or they can be passed with adena ..



Not looking for donators servers ( i mean the ones that are full of them) or dead and heavily lagging servers ..


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I want to share my server. Named L2Xussof, L2 Freya, with GOD equipment implanted.

It’s a full pvp server. We promise that in the next 10 minutes that you create your char, you will be able to do pvp’s. Because you can get lvl 85 in 1 minute, just killing 5 mobs at start zone. The next 5 minutes you can get the equipment, that till vesper its free. With our NPC enchanter you can enchant all your equipment in 1 minute or less. You can get the certifications in 3 minutes, at our Certification Zone. And after configuration your skill bar you, will be able to get in any pvp.

We also have an NPC Noblese, with you simply have to talk with him to receive noblesse status.

We also have others npc’s like NPC name color, npc heroseller, that you can acquire hero status for “X” just paying an special coin, those you can get farming or by donate way.

TvT system each 2h. Also we are working on CTF event, that we hope to get ready for the inauguration, in the next days.

Like you can see the server its created for pvp, so, what are you waiting to get inside and try your abilities versus the other players and to discover new classes that you never plan to use.



Our Machine:

Dedicated: Ubuntu Server 10.04 64 bits - 100Mbps GigaEthernet- i5 4x 2.66+ GHz - 16 GB RAM - 2TB - Hard Disk


Check our Facebook page, daily updated:





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Hello !


Grand Open 06.11.2011 20:00 GMT+1 !

All Accounts/Characters/Clan's/Items from test's will be wiped


I have the honor to introduce new Hi5 Server : L2Ninja.


Here is a specification :


Xp Rate x20

Sp Rate x20

Drop rate x15

Adena rate x15



EnchantSafeMax = 3

EnchantSafeMaxFull = 4

EnchantMaxWeapon = 20

EnchantMaxArmor = 20

EnchantMaxJewelry = 20

EnchantChanceWeapon = 66

EnchantChanceArmor = 66

EnchantChanceJewelry = 66

EnchantChanceElementStone = 50

BlessedEnchantChanceWeapon = 77

BlessedEnchantChanceArmor = 77

BlessedEnchantChanceJewelry = 77



28/14 buff/dance slots 2h !!!

Global GK

CustomGMShop D,C,B,A

Special NPC drops Apiga ( only 4 mobs in special location)

TVT Event, Heavy Medal Event, Freya Event

Hard Bot restriction !



Full H5 Mobs !

Full H5 Drop !

Full H5 Loc !



MaxRunSpeed = 250

MaxPCritRate = 500

MaxMCritRate = 200

MaxPAtkSpeed = 1500

MaxMAtkSpeed = 1999

MaxEvasion = 250

MaxSubclass = 3



CPU : Core i5 quad 3.1GHz



Connection : 100 Mbps Dedicated Internet Connection




Each new Clan what join Our server and have min 10 ppl online can get 5lvl on start :)

What You need :

* New clan created from 2011-11-13 at 20:00 GMT+1

* Minimum 10 players Online at start

How to get reward :

Clan Leader should write in forum new topic with Your clan name and when was created, after check Clan get 5 lvl :)



Photo Event start on 18.11.2011 at 20:00 GMT+1

What You should to do : Take best picture from Lineage 2 Ninja server! And share it here.

When the ends event : 25.11.2011 at GMT+1

Reward :

1st place : Festival's Cloak Pearl White

2nd place : Kratei Striped Mithril Shirt CP

3rd place : 20 Golden Apiga


P.S. On photo we must see Your char nickname !


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