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[L2OFF]L2Aria (Low Rate)


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Finding an decent Lineage 2 server to play on is quite difficult these days, you will find buggy L2J servers, admins that can't write a single line of code themselves or money-making servers which are all about donating as much as possible for better gear.


None of which is exactly a lot of fun in the long run, which is what we thought as well and decided to start our own project to do it better.


As a team of well experienced L2 developers we do not have to rely on bought files like many other servers do but instead develop our own extender from scratch so that we have full control over all updates.


Our goal is to keep the server retail like, only fixing those things which NCSoft did wrong.

This is things like instances which might fit well into World of Warcraft but not into an open PVP game like L2.


Or things like endless camping of NPC spawns because someone thought it is a nice idea to give them an 8 hours random timer.


Feel free to join our Open-Beta on 15.09.2011 to see if we did it better or not.

If this is too much waiting time for you then you are also welcome to join our Forums for some spamming.


EXP/SP/Adena Rates:

7x 01 - 51

6x 52 - 75

4x 76 - 82

3x 83 - 84

2x 84 - 85


Other Rates:

Drop: 4x

Spoil: 4x

Sealstones: 4x

Quest: 1x



Retail like based on L2Off Gracia Final

Offline Shops

Revision 87 Fully working (unlike every other server with Revision 83)

Unique rate system that scales with your level

No quest is required for the first class change

Second class change can be done trough shortcut quest as on retail

Random spawn duration for epic bosses reduced - less annoying camping

No instancing of content - more pvp!

Donations only for services like they exist on retail

Various Bugfixes


~ Fyyre, rndbit, nish, Veskya



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Fail server... the best option to play now its azuregaming or l2.ws


and your a -beep-in retard.....those servers are shit!!!!! have you logged into either of them ? or are you just talking out of your ass ? l2phx and l2walker work on both and also both have ancient exploits that work..... your just a tool anyway im not gonna waste my time explaining anything to a retard



oh ya and guess whos patches those guys are using ? lol..... it will be funny when those wont be released anymore and we will see how many of those servers do it on their own



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Q: non-instanced content?




Instanced content like Kamaloka, Seed of Infinity or Seed of Destruction is made none instanced.


Meaning it will be a normal area that any player can enter without time limits or player limits. Mobs inside will get an respawn time of what would normally be the instance lockout time.


So once it respawns people can enter to kill the boss or each other instead of every party/clan getting their very own version of it.

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