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Dyes and oly tips

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dyes for all daggers i think is +4CON -4STR  and +4DEX -4STR

coz u dont need p atk on dagger u only use skills and dagger skills is not affected by p atk!!

second on necro use +4int -4men +4wit -4men and +4con -4str

on oly well...

vs mage use doom and silence if dont work use abbys and send the pet to stun them

vs warrior type just use bane and abbys and hit and run until he die

vs summoner fear the pet silence hit and hit him if fear dont work use ancor and ofc bane

vs assassin-dagger its hard but u can make it with yout curses doom in dagger=dagger dead

btw if u dont know all them simply dont go to oly xD

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for daggers i would use only +4 dex - 4 str / +1 dex -1 str


for necro +4 con -4 str / +4 wit -4 men / +4 int - 4 men


if u play vs summoner with a necro don't try anchor the pet cuz the summoner can remove it

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when u play against a bishop dont bother to use your pet b/c he will erase it , use mage bane on him and curse of abyss , then try to silance him or anhor if u can't make it then just hit him if he has  good m.def like 300-400 dmg peer hit then u already lost , he will just heal and burn your mp... u can atleast try silance and anhor till the end ... when he is low hp keep a big distance couse he has fast sleep (and u dont want to go all the way again)


vs archer use curse chaos /weakness/mass slow and curse of abys then u kill him , if he uses stun etc. curse of doom or anchor him.


and when u face a ES/Warlock/bishop or EE with an augmented weapon active skill (example) prominence u need anhor/silance or curse of doom on them and then kill , first summon then the caster.


well u just use the curses and debuffs , curse chaos/mass slow/weakness (dont use it on TH) and warrior bane/abyss (but u dont need to it only slows them down) also use curse of doom on : titans/daggers/gladiators thats for  fighters ofc u are faster and u walk away when they are near... on mages mage bane,silance or anhor or curse of doom if not affected use curse of abyss ,stun with summon and fight, unsummon your pet when u fight againts summoner u dont want that he trows betray on it . and ofcourse u use transfer pain and gloom before u start the debuffs.

as for equip try to get some staffs with buffs , use acumen weapon and cast speed armor (dc robe ftw) .

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