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  1. C) dark elven Dagger ---> cause of 52 % blow Chance
  2. I think storm screamer , If know how and dont play with only vampiric rage und hurricane
  3. Dont work me, dont know why, but if i change back du titan i have again full hp <.<
  4. 380 pvp and 164 pks , 1 Months old Char/server ;) I pk as storm Screamer, best <3
  5. For me too the Option 2, but last time I dont have so much luck , don´t no why^^ for 2 months it work very good, every third try to do enchant like this I always make an weapon +16 >.< but I think its just luck an option were if you buy 50 ams ( for example) and make all +4+4+4...etc. I think then you MUST come with an weapon till 16, if that dont work than search another game xD
  6. Storm screamer <33 if you enxchant your armor then fighter dont give many dmg, if you had an zaken earing then you can make vampiric rage <33
  7. omg its very unfair, i think i dont need this because if i play in party then with frineds from Rl and with them i can share the drops^^
  8. bo our server have an enchant rate 75% and +5 save, its only luck but its hard work to farm money
  9. Very nice I understand, but on my server isn´t noblesse GK >.<
  10. Which dyes I can make on my Titan?
  11. Topic like this already exist ....