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interlude [L2J] L2 Warcraft


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Despide the name that might feel tricky :P here i present u a fresh, brand now Interlude mid rate server for the lovers of "not that old" school kind




Exp Rate : x25

Party Exp Rate : x2

Sp Rate : x25

Adena Rate : x20

Drop Rate : x15

Spoil Rate : x15






Enchant Rate : 75% Both Blessed and Normal

Safe : + 3

Full Body Armor + 4

Max Enchant : +16



General Features:


No Mana Potions

Offline Crafting System

Offline Shops

TVT Event

CTF Event

DM Event

When a Golem attack event

80Mins Buff Duration

Global GK

Free Class Change

Free Subclass

Noble Q Retail

Wedding Enabled

AIO NPC Buffer

GM Shop Untill B Grade!

3 Castles Active for more pvp and fun : Aden , Giran , Goddard

Olympiad 2 weeks Cycle

Delvl NPC

All Interlude Features Work 99.9%

Active and Experienced GMs




now few words about it.. the server started yesterday (8/06/2011) i was in since the 1st minute.. i have to say that the start might feel hard coz of the low adena rate (25x for a 25x exp rate) so i found my self changing to 2nd class (1kk adenas price if u don't want to quest) at lvl 50+.. and i was still with no grade armor and weapon (all the char start w/ 0 adenas BUT w/ full no grade set and SS/BSS).. the low adena rate it's for preventing them be unusefull on the End game, coz there is where the server it's pointing, long term end game.


i'm not saying "OH COME IN IT'S THE BEST SERVER AROUND" coz that goes for personal feeling, i'm just saying.. if u are searching for an Interlude Mid rate server, give it a shoot,, i did aswel, and i'm happy..


Ofc for a new Not PRE-popular server like this the comunity it's low, that's why i'm doing this propaganda and spamming votes around.. coz i'ld like ppl to get know, and enjoy the server, as much as i do.



P.S. atm Quest drop rates are 1x coz their are being discussed on the forum between players and admins, it's just a matter of time that they will get boosted, so if u like to give your opinion join the forum aswel under the "Suggestion" topic and tell us yours!



so here we go:



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Quest rates:


* Legacy of insloence 90% drop rate 2x drop amount

* Zero hour 100% Drop rate 3x drop amount

* GC part 1 90% drop rate 3x drop amount

* GC part 2 90% drop rate 2x drop amount

* Black Swan 60% to get 1 fang 40% to get 2 fangs + barrel

* Necromancer's request 90% drop rate for both vampire heart and zombie brain, Brain drop amount 2x, Vampire hearts quest reward 5x

* Heart in search of power 100% drop rate 3x drop amount

* Delicious choice of meat 100% drop rate 3x drop amount

* Supplier of regeants 100% drop rate for regeant pouches

* Relics of old empire 100% drop rate 5x drop amount

* Gather the flames 90% drop rate 5x drop amount

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More Updates


* Little update to Geodata and pathnode

* Increased summon duration to 80mins

* Increased raid drop rate to 3x (doesn't affect the gignatic chaos golem)

* Fixed a small problem with raid bosses


* Delicious choice of meat quest fixed

* changed delvl price to 1kk

* Lowered general debuff rate by 10%

* Lowered fear rate by 20%

* lowered stun rate by 5%

* lowered root rate by 10%

* Added doom shield to Doom heavy set at GM shop



* Fixed herb drops and increased the rates (20% to drop normal herbs, 8% to drop greater herbs and 2% to drop suprior herbs)

* TvT Event now gives rewards to chars with 0 kills of the winning team (Remmember, boxing inside events will get u jailed!)

* Now only chars between lvls 70-80 can register events

* Updated prices in GM shop

* added Magic symbol, Battle symbol and Crystals B to GM shop

* increased adena drop rate to 30x -This is the final rate in order to cover for the double exp in party, no more raising of this.

* add dualsword craft stamp and EWS to Special section of GM shop

* fixed megatop100arena vote link in website, added a new vote site, GO vote!

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DIN DIN DIN new updates


Now dark blue mobs will drop / spoil without lvl penatly

* Added .repair command.

* Added club of nature, Demon dagger to GM shop

* Added raid boss Gordon

* Updated server ping. Note: To see the real ping of the server redownload our system folder at http://www.multiupload.com/YQ40NT53S1

* added mental shield to NPC Buffer

* Egg delivery quest can now be taken by chars lvl 68 and above

* Lowered price of 2nd class change to 500k

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your server is mid rate and you dont have mp pots..qq

nab...Do you remember a class named "elven elder"? or "Shillen Elder"..Kids nowadays dont know what these class are useful for..

Anyway,Good Server,i like that server doesnt use mana pots,i luv it ;D

gonna try,Good Luck.

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