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interlude [LJ]Lineage II Gavan-Network


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Welcome to Lineage II Gavan Network [interlude]


Our website: http://l2gavan.com

# Server Rates:


*Experience: 3000x

*Adena Drop: 3000x

*Item Drop: 3000x


# Safe Enchant: +3

*Wepon Max Enchant: +16

*Armor Max Enchant: +20

*Jewels Max Enchant: +20


# Enchant rates:


*Normal Scrool: 70%

*Blessed Scrool: 95%




Server Features:




$ Easy Farm System

#Auto-Learn Skills

#Balanced Classes

#Vote Reward System


# PvP Color Name System at:

*500,1000,1500,2500,5000 PvP Points


# PvP Reward System

*At 50 consecutives PvPs will get hero for first rr


*Wedding System

*Clan Hall System

*Castle Siege System

*No Weight Penalty

*No Clan Penalty

*No Grade Penalty

*Sub-Class System

*Noblesse System

*Hero System Every Week

*Duel System


# Augmentation System:

*You can put 1 active and 1 passive


*All Noblesse Skills

*All Hero Skills

*All Augmentation Skills

*The chance to get a skill in the augmentation process is 10%

*Zariche/Akamanah working

*Community board disabled

*Retail-Like Enchant System

*Every Buff/Dance/Song/Chant Lasts 4 Hours

*C4 / C5 / Interlude Skills

*Interlude Skills 99% Working

*All C4 / C5 / Interlude Monsters

*All C4 / C5 / Interlude Locations

*Unstuck Command 10 seconds

*Gm Shop

*Town Buffer

*Global Gatekeeper

*Top PvP/Pk List NPC Info

*ClanHall Viewer

*Life Stone Trader

*Class Manager

*Custom Misc Shop

*Retail-Like Tattoos(working stats)

*Weding Manager

# Gold Bar Exchange System:

*For exchange adena from gold bar write .withdraw

*For exchange gold bar from adena write .deposit

*Special commands: .online | .away | .back | .withdraw | .deposit

*Custom Misc Shop work with Farm Coin not with adena.

*Noblesse Item

*With Farm Coin can be used to buy special items

*Vote Stones can be used to buy life stones and blessed scrools.


# Events:


*Every hour event



*Many GM Event*for clan lvl ,reputation,etc


# Special zones:


*You will find them on L2 Gavan Gatekeeper.

*Hot Spring - Farm

*Forbidden Gateway- Farm

*Giran Harbor- Safe Farm

*Primeval isle- PvP Zone

*Talking Island- Starting Zone

*Giran- Main Town


Other Informatios:


# Karma:


*Karma player can't use shop

*Karma player can use teleport

*Karma player can use soe

*Karma player can't use trade

*Karma player can use warehouse


# Clan/Ally:


*Do not have to wait before:

*Joining another clan

*Create a new clan

*Joining another alliance

*Create a new alliance

*Disolve a clan

*Disolve an alliance

*Only 2 clans are allowed in alliance

*You need 10 members in clan to start war


# Olympiad:


* Olympiad start time at 18:00 (6 pm GMT+2 )

* Olympiad compeition period is 6 hours

* Hero are chosen every weeks

* Custom Olympiad engine.


Server is coming SOON , the team is still working on server !

Visit our website/board http://l2gavan.com

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