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[Guide]How You Can Fix GameGuard's Error

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New Method #1

Download this: http://www.4shared.com/file/39250365/ebb3036e/Patched_CT1v2.html


Replace files and you're done, gameguard will never even run. Just start the game with L2.exe.


*Note: My system is highly modified.


New Method #2Download this: http://rapidshare.com/files/95382081/Engine-Core.rar.html

Mirror: http://www.4shared.com/file/39251120/448d81ee/Engine-Core.html


1. Go to Lineage II\system\

2. Move (ctrl+x ctrl+v) Engine.dll, Core.dll, GameGuard.des & \GameGuard\ to a new folder. (Right click -> New -> Folder)

3. Copy and paste (ctrl+c ctrl+v) the files included in the rar above into your \system\ folder.


Note: I haven't tested this on a clean install, so if it doesn't work that means you need a patched system folder. Follow the instructions below in the old method Option 2 for how to patch your system folder. Just omit the Nwindow.dll and gg emu crap.


Done. Start the game with L2.exe, GG will never start.


Old Method

GameGuard Emulator: http://www.fileshare.ro/428703121.125



Extract the files.


Make sure you edit your hosts file to have it like this: localhost
#RageZone l2testauthd.lineage2.com l2authd.lineage2.com
#Gameguard Bypass nprotect.lineage2.com  nprotect.ncsoft.co.kr  update.nprotect.net  update.nprotect.co.kr


Just run startApache.bat before you start Lineage II.


If your game now works without the GameGuard error - stop. Do not follow the rest of these instructions.


If your game still doesn't work, you will need a patched Nwindow.dll. To make that work properly, you will need a "patched" system folder. To do that you, there are a couple ways.


Option 1:

Download this. That is my System folder, along with whatever custom mods I have done to it. You just extract it to your Lineage II directory and run the startApache.bat and all should be good in the world. The included readme.txt explains what all has changed.


Option 2:

If you're more adventurous, or just really don't want my custom mods then you can follow this method, though it isn't as idiot-proof as the first option.


You'll need to download some files.


l2encdec: http://www.l2wh.com/dstuff/public/common/l2encdec_291.zip

Slyphia's exe:http://www.sylphia.org/weblog/download/31/http://www.sylphia.org/weblog/download/31/

Nwindow.dll: http://w13.easy-share.com/5910431.html

Use this guide: http://www.l2wh.com/dstuff/guide.html


If the guide seems too complex for you, I assure you it's very simple - I'll explain it here. First download l2encdec (linked above), then before you start doing anything copy your /system/ folder, so it will then be called /copy of system/, then once you have this you can paste all of the l2encdec files into the /system/ directory. The reason you are making a copy of your system folder is in case something goes wrong so you do not have to wait for a full check to finish.


Click Start, then Run, then type in, without the quotes, "cmd" and hit enter. Then you will need to type the following, including the quotes:


cd "C:\Program Files\Lineage II\system"
patcher.exe -f


If your Lineage II is installed to a different location, then you will need to change that accordingly. If your Lineage II is on another hard drive letter other than C, then you will need to do an additional command, which is just the drive letter it is on followed by a colon, so for example: My Lineage II is installed on my E drive, so I would type this:


cd "E:\Program Files\Lineage II\system"
patcher.exe -f


That's it. It's pretty simple. Now whats going to happen is it will either finish without errors and you can go to the next step or it will get some error and not finish. Now if that happens what you'll need to do is delete that /system/ and rename your /copy of system/ to /system/, and before you go to pasting l2encdec back in there, I strongly suggest running the updater and doing Check Files, otherwise chances are you may encounter the exact same problem again. Once you do a Check Files, you can make another copy of the system folder and repeat the steps again.


Now, if it succeeded without errors, all you need to do copy/paste Slyphia's exe (linked above) into your /system/ folder. The point of this though, was so you could replace your Nwindow.dll, so after it's patched go ahead and make a copy of it and put it somewhere else (its always good to have a backup) and then replace it with the Nwindow.dll linked above. When this is done, your game should work. Just make sure you run the startApache.bat


Credits to Tiffany

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