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interlude [L2J] L2Lancer


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Interlude Server L2Lancer


Server Rates:


# Experience: 3000x

# Adena Drop: 3000x


Unique Enchant Sustem:

# ----------------------------------------------

#  Chance For Normal Scrolls -

# ----------------------------------------------

# Weapon

NormalWeaponEnchantLevel = 1,100;2,100;3,100;4,100;5,100;6,100;7,100;8,100;9,98;10,96;11,96;12,94;13,90;14,87;15,85;16,80;17,82;18,82;19,80;20,78;21,76;22,75;23,77;24,75;25,82;

# Armor

NormalArmorEnchantLevel = 1,100;2,100;3,100;4,100;5,100;6,100;7,100;8,100;9,98;10,96;11,96;12,94;13,90;14,87;15,85;16,80;17,82;18,82;19,80;20,78;21,76;22,75;23,77;24,75;25,82;

# Jewel

NormalJewelryEnchantLevel = 1,100;2,100;3,100;4,100;5,100;6,100;7,100;8,100;9,98;10,96;11,96;12,94;13,90;14,87;15,85;16,80;17,82;18,82;19,80;20,78;21,76;22,75;23,77;24,75;25,82;



# ----------------------------------------------

#  Chance For Blessed Scrolls -

# ----------------------------------------------

# Weapon

BlessWeaponEnchantLevel = 1,95;2,95;3,95;4,95;5,95;6,95;7,95;8,95;9,95;10,95;11,95;12,95;13,95;14,95;15,95;16,95;17,95;18,95;19,95;20,95;21,95;22,95;23,95;24,95;25,95;

# Armor

BlessArmorEnchantLevel = 1,95;2,95;3,95;4,95;5,95;6,95;7,95;8,95;9,95;10,95;11,95;12,95;13,95;14,95;15,95;16,95;17,95;18,95;19,95;20,95;21,95;22,95;23,95;24,95;25,95;

# Jewel

BlessJewelryEnchantLevel = 1,95;2,95;3,95;4,95;5,95;6,95;7,95;8,95;9,95;10,95;11,95;12,95;13,95;14,95;15,95;16,95;17,95;18,95;19,95;20,95;21,95;22,95;23,95;24,95;25,95;



* Safe Enchant : +7

* Weapon Max Enchant : +25

* Armor Max Enchant : +25

* Jewels Max Enchant : +25


Server Features:


Auto-Learn Skills

Balanced Classes

Wedding System

Clan Hall System

No Clan Penalty

Castle Siege System

No Weight Penalty

No Grade Penalty

Sub-Class System

Noblesse System

Hero System

Duel System

Augmentation System

All Noblesse Skills

All Hero Skills

All Augmentation Skills

Every Buff / Dance / Song / Chant Lasts 2 Hours

C4 / C5 / Interlude Skills

Interlude Skills 99% Working

Cursed Weapons Zariche and Akamanah

Unstuck Command 10 seconds

TvT Event

Weding Manager

Gold Bar Npc Trader

Customized Tattoo Status

Gold Bar System

Custom Farm Zones

Customized Raid Bosses - Auto Spawned at Random Time

Messages for the players

Vote Reward System Hopzone,TopZone

Trade Is Like L2Off + Protection.








Special Prices For Players:

Gold Status [Announcement + Color] if you want Gold Status You Must Have 10.000 And More Pc Bang Points. [The Firts 3 Players Won]

Platinum Status [Announcement + Color] Platinum Status : Give it To 6 players Pvp/Pk, 3 First Player From Pvp And 3 Firts Player From Pk.



~Global GateKeeper

~Custom GmShop

~Clan Manager

~Nolbe Manager

~Info Raid Boss

~Custom Buffer


~Special Shop



When a Castle Lord enters the game, you will be informed by an announcement message!

Killing spree announce system (with PvP's)




Every 2 weeks New Heroes.

Start Time: 18:00 GMT+2

End Time: 23:00 GMT+2


Special Events:

Last Man Standing : offline

Mutant : Offilne

Battlefield: Offline

Capture The Flag : Online

DeathMatch : Online

TvT : Online

Town War Event : Online


System Machine:

Intel Core i5-750

4 x 2,66 GHz


100 Mbit Connection



PS: Server is not mine,just one friend of me have it.

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