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Found 3 results

  1. Multicollection of Lineage][ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lineage History&Chronicle's --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is L2OFF?L2OFF include's original NCSOFT files(stolen from company) the developers who got those files in there hands work with them and make them better. Before to start with L2OFF you have to know this,L2OFF files is for sure better than L2Java but is more expensive as files and there is no free way to make a L2OFF server,everythink on L2OFF is buyable and zero thinks is free,so if you want to make a good project and you have the money then use L2OFF. Also L2OFF Use Other languages from Java Like C++(If you want to learnabout developing) L2OFF SETUP VIDEO YOUTUBE L2 OFF SETUP L2OFF collection,shares,fixes,guide&more L2OFF FREE PACK This forum is from Vanganth,one of the most popular developer on L2OFF,also he sell L2OFF files with updates check out --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This shares is enought for you if you want to start learning about L2OFF L2OFF PACK WHO XeL share for free is for tests and nothink more,is old and have many problems .. is just the start for you to learn about l2 off for more informations check our forum L2OFF Section CLICK ME The most important thinks who have to learn about L2OFF is how to set it up Change rates-olympiad stat-Enchantment-Agumantation&Other For Change Rates Location is:L2OFF/L2SERVER/L2SERVER.INI For enchantment&other thinks:L2OFF/L2SERVER/ILEXT.INI FOR HOW TO SET IT UP TAKE A LOOK ON THE GUIDE UP THERE. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- L2JAVA L2Java part now,L2 Java is a project than if you got some skills you can start with it with 0 money because is very easy to work with this .. These is some free project Like L2Jacis&L2Jfrozen there is 2 different ways to start with that 1)take the files ready 2)make Compile,what is compile? you use a program that named Eclipse,Eclipse is a program that you can put,change or remove java codes and add everythink you want.. For start you have to find your project SVN(SVN is the link who you will need to put it on eclipse to start dig and dig to put,remove or change java codes .. How to create a L2java server with eclipse this is full youtube video part 1,you will see on youtube the other 2 parts. How check out a project,add a java code&compile it You finish with your compite? -OR- You download ready pack without compile? Lets setitup and make your dream REALITY -PART- MAKE PACK ONLINE! How to setup your pack and make it ONLINE! You are Greek?,Πολυ ωραια,δες το Ελληνικο Guide μου! AIO COLLECTION NPC-GUIDE-CODES&MORE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEBSITE You finaly finish with your project and now you need a website for your server? i will explain you how is working.. First of all you must find a host Company who you will rent a computer for your site for now i will give you a free webhost site just to learn how is working http://www.serversfree.com Join and go to "HOST" button,there you an build your website adress that you can make tests,make your website adress(DOMAIN) and then press the "SWICH" then go down and find "FILE MANAGER" then press "Install File Manager" ok now your file manager is opened now is the part FIND A TEMPLATE Check out our Forum Section who share free templates When you will download the template will be download as .zip file keep it like this for now (remember we will just make a test,next part is how to edit the website) on website filemanager is a button who tell "upload" press it,find your .zip file template and upload it .. then press right click on your zip file in file manager and extract it. Thats is so simply the template just upload :) check out the domain who the company gaves you for tests ... its so ungly .. yes because is a free template but for the test is a very good .. How to change the names,buttons on your website .. Extract the template in your computer and open the template folder there are many text in there open it and find every line you want to change .. if for exmple tells L2 Lostward change it and put what ever name you want is not a problem ... You can find our Unique website template Designers on Our forum marketplace for website templates Our forum trustable and good designers names: MixMaster Dection 'iAndre Strain ------------------------------------------------------------------------- DDOS WHAT IS IT AND HOW YOU CAN DEFEND A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffix from multimple sources.The target a wide variety of importants resources,from banks,news websites,and present a major challenge to making sure people can publish and access important information. In my opinions the most of Lineage DDoS attacks come from 3 different ways 1-Other Servers administrators 2-Randomly people who like to spend time by doing DDoS attacks 3-DDoS protection companys To avoid DDoS attacks you have to may a ammount of money for protection This is a review of DDoS protection company Services of 2014. Some other standard DDoS companys is: OVH DDOS PROTECTION COMPANY -OR- HYPERFILTER DDOS PROTECTION COMPANY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEDICATED MACHINE COMPANYS IN MY OPINION. HETZNER ORIGINAL GERMAN DEDICATED COMPANY THE BEST OF HIS KIND. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you find this MultiCollection usefull because i spend much time to make it .. Also,i dont know manythink on Website developing but my knowledge i think is enought for a newbie on this part ... Good luck mates :)
  2. Hello everyone - so my name is JacobX i coming with one of the best project to re-open it again from the begging , i hope that u wont regret with your join in our server. Our economy system are customized and all game are on retail mode. We have one of the best balance on H5 world so you wont have any problem in the incoming future of your game play. Our project are based as i have wroted on the picture on FANDC , we have customized package and we have extended his features to the top. We spend a lot of time on this project - money i will apprentice if my server is enjoyable and i promise that i will do my bests for this , as i plan to keep the server around a year and more its expect from you this not from me however. FRESH START OF SPECTRE! GRAND OPENING 1.7.2014 18:00 GMT +2 - Protected against third party software aka LameGuard - Hosted on a DDoS protected network over 500 GBPS Connection. - Private source files. Exp : 1000x SP : 1000X [DROP CUSTOM] Safe Enchant : +5 Max Enchant : +15 Max Enchant with Multi Grade Scroll : +20 Enchant Normal Rate : 60% Enchant Blessed Rate : 90% Enchant with Multi Grade Scroll Rate : 100% Enchant Elements rates of Level 4 Chance : 100% Enchant Elements rates of Level 7 Chance : 100% -Top Life Stones Rate : 15% -High Life Stones Rate : 10% -Mid Life Stones Rate : 5% Our Economy system are based on upgrades which means everything u buy or u need to buy on the future it will needed to be upgrade for example You start with Dynasty Weapons | Dynasty Armors | Dynasty Jewels |Moirai Armors | Moirai Jewels all +5 for get your next armor which is thevesper you need to go on our advanced shop which there you can upgrade it to vesper then with one fee which is your currently armor ( Moirai or Dynasty ) and the Festival Coin, Silver Cup and Gold Cup that need to have , those coins ( Festival Coin, Silver Cup and Gold Cup ) are dropable on our custom farm zone those coins are not only for the armors u can exchange for other items too which are located on our advanced-main shop. Also from farm zone u can collect Magic Spectre Box which when u push it u will obtain Ultima Coins and Orcal Mefisto that its needable to get Ultima Armors,Weapons and some other varius items. This upgradeable system are based on all of our items , armors-weapons-jewels - we have only this with very easy farm and its something different on the basic economy of the typical H5 Servers that comes around. I Wish to get understood on the explaintion for more informations join in the game for get instant view. About Elemenets Areas you can get element coins that u can exchange it for Elements Stones. [Here is the list of our custom zones with explanation of drop list and what u need them] /// Safe Zone \\\ [GLUDIN VILLAGE] Kobek Light : 25 Silver Cup , 25 Gold Cup , 20 Festival Coins , 15 Elemental Coins , 5 GB Green Holder : 25 Silver Cup , 25 Gold Cup , 20 Festival Coins , 15 Elemental Coins , 5 GB Vayne Voltrex : 25 Silver Cup , 25 Gold Cup , 20 Festival Coins , 15 Elemental Coins , 5 GB /// Easy Zone \\\ [DRAGON VALERY ENTRANCE] Dragonius : 100 Silver Cup , 100 Gold Cup , 90 Festival Coins , 25 Elemental Coins , 1 Magic Spectre Box Queen of Pain : 100 Silver Cup , 100 Gold Cup , 90 Festival Coins , 25 Elemental Coins , 1 Magic Spectre Box Menson Fucker : 100 Silver Cup , 100 Gold Cup , 90 Festival Coins , 25 Elemental Coins , 1 Magic Spectre Box Prince of Persia : 100 Silver Cup , 100 Gold Cup , 90 Festival Coins , 25 Elemental Coins , 1 Magic Spectre Box Spectretor : 100 Silver Cup , 100 Gold Cup , 90 Festival Coins , 25 Elemental Coins , 1 Magic Spectre Box /// Hard Zone \\\ [EMERALD SQUARE] Viper Emerald : 250 Silver Cup , 250 Gold Cup , 225 Festival Coins , 30 Elemental Coins , 1-3 Magic Spectre Box Crobelus : 250 Silver Cup , 250 Gold Cup , 225 Festival Coins , 30 Elemental Coins , 1-3 Magic Spectre Box Jacob Sniper : 250 Silver Cup , 250 Gold Cup , 225 Festival Coins , 30 Elemental Coins , 1-3 Magic Spectre Box Disputore : 250 Silver Cup , 250 Gold Cup , 225 Festival Coins , 30 Elemental Coins , 1-3 Magic Spectre Box Royal Nemesis : 250 Silver Cup , 250 Gold Cup , 225 Festival Coins , 30 Elemental Coins , 1-3 Magic Spectre Box [Retails Bosses] RAID BOSS A : Spectre Lancer [Drops] (40 LifeStones LvL84) (300 GCM) (2000 Magic Spectre Box) Respawn Time : 6H +/- RAID BOSS B : Redonius Jerek [Drops] (25k Silver Cup) (25K Gold Cup) (20K Festival Coins) (25 Life Stones LvL 84) Respawn Time : 8H +/- [Custom Raid Bosses] RAID BOSS A : Darius [Drops] (3 Multi Grade Weapon Scrolls 100%) (2 Multi Grade Armor Scrolls 100%) Respawn Time : 4H +/- RAID BOSS B : Ursa [Drops] (2 Multi Grade Armor Scroll 100%) (3 Multi Grade Weapon Scroll 100%) Respawn Time : 3H +/- RAID BOSS C : Crystal Maiden [Drops] (4 Multi Grade Weapon Scrolls 3100%) (4 Multi Grade Armors Scrolls 100%) Respawn Time : 8H +/- RAID BOSS D : Skymage of Flendom [Drops] (1-3 Nobless Coin) Respawn Time : 2H +/- [Epic Bosses] RAID BOSS D : Ovenus Corleone [Drops] (2 Improved Baium Rings , 3 Multi Grade Scrolls , 1 Heroic Potion , 10 LifeStones LvL84) Respawn Time : - 6 H+/- RAID BOSS D : BroodMother [Drops] (2 Improved Ant Queen Rings, 3 Multi Grade Weapon Scrolls, 1 Heroic Potion) Respawn Time : - 6H+/- RAID BOSS D : Fergy Lord [Drops] (2 Antharas Earrings, 1 Multi Grade Armor Scroll , 1 Multi Grade Weapon Scroll , 1 Heroic Potion , 20 LifeStones LvL84) Respawn Time : - 7H+/- RAID BOSS D : Phoenix [Drops] (2 Blessed Freya Necklace , 2 Valakas Necklace , 3 Multi Grade Weapon Scrolls, 1 Heroic Potion, 30 LifeStones LvL84 ) Respawn Time : - 8H+/- RAID BOSS D : Shadow Field Nexus [Drops] (2 Beleths Rings , 2 Fritezza Necklace , 2 zaken Earrings, 2 Multi Grade Armor Scrolls, 1 Heroic Potion, 35 LifeStones LvL84) Respawn Time : - 9H+/- [Dread Raid Bosses] DreaD BOSS : DreaD Borgore [Drops] (1-3 DreaD Runes) Respawn Time : - 5H+/- DreaD BOSS : DreaD Chaos Captain [Drops] (1-4 DreaD Runes) Respawn Time : - 5H+/- DreaD BOSS : DreaD Naylor Blood [Drops] (2 DreaD Runes) Respawn Time : - 3H+/- DreaD BOSS : DreaD Queen of Spectre [Drops] (3 DreaD Runes) Respawn Time : - 6H+/- DreaD BOSS : DreaD Twist Baky [Drops] (4 DreaD runes) Respawn Time : - 7H+/- Olympiad Battles time - from 18:00 to 00:00(GMT+2). Olympiad Period - 1 week. New heroes appears on every Saturday 12:00 AM (GMT+2). Maximum enchant in olympiad: +6. Maximum echant in olympiad ( Skills ) : +15 Custom Cancellation System - When you get cancel, cancelled buffs will be restored after 10 seconds. So you don't need rebuff. Remember that this feature does not working in Olympiad Games. Start Up character : S80 - Morai Armors/Jewels/Weapons up to +5 free. Custom Start Location Working Freya Weapons Armors Jewels Masterwork items by Pvp Items wich you can get it by pvping only. Custom areas-farm zones which inside u can get x2 pvp items - farm items Main Town GIRAN Buffs 35+4 All Raid Bosses + Grand Bosses + Frintezza Olympiad 100% Retail like DualBox allowed 100% Retail like gameplay without any customs Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes Active and experienced development/GMteam! No corruptions! Not used accounts will be deleted after 2 months NO LAG!!! 100% Uptime International community Max Subclasses = 3 Max Subclass level = 85 All active/passive augments are fully working! (Only 1 ACTIVE OR 1 PASSIVE) All flood protections Killing Spree System which you obtain 1 PvP Item each pvp & announcements the current status of your pvping. Pvp announce per kill. Shout Chat With 50 Pvp Trade Chat with 30 Pvp Anti-Buff Skill Blocks any kind of buff. Teleport Protection Flagged players can't teleport creating more pvp action. PvP Assist system for bishops added. .password for change your pass .control ( for your character security ) .menu ( your character menu panel ) .lang ( for your the language of gameplay) Dress me Shop with Ultima Products inside ( Only for dress me , goddess items ) All raid boss jewels are in shop. All items require upgrade for continue your gameplay. All farm zones drops GC/SC/FC /UC/OM- elemental stones - souls. Top Pvp Top PK Castle Lord Heroes RaidBosses Killing Spree in a row. TVT/CTF/GVG/DM/ SERVER WAR ( Unique Event - Only Our Project can use it ) New Solo Zone Map Spawned in the world. ( This is our new mod - for join there u need to write in chat .joinsoloarea , and you will teleported automatly.) Also i need to inform you - this area its only for solo players after 2k Pvps dosent counting in your pvp status. On this area u cant see u your name - you can see your clan - you cant escape from the mass unknown pvp! New Mass Area Map Spawned in the world. ( This is our new mod - for join there u need to wirte in chat .joinmassarea , and you will teleported automatly inside of current area.) Parties allowed , bp allowed - all pvp counting! - Global Gatekeeper - Main Shop - Advanced Shop - Buffer - Augmenter - Raid Boss Manager - Server Info - Donation Manager - Siege informer - Clan manager - Olympiad Manager - Class Manager - Vote Reward NPC - Top Stats Manager - Event Manager [EVENT] - Symbol Manager - Warehouse Manager - Noblesse manager -Augment Manager WWW.L2SPECTRE.COM WWW.L2SPECTRE.COM/FORUM THIS IS A PROJECT BY JACOBX @ 2014-2015 WE CAME FOR STAY! FRESH OPENING AGAIN 1.7.2014 18:00 GMT +2 ALL WILL BE THERE! DONT MISS IT! GET YOUR PRE-ITEM NOW! EVENT RUNNING - DONT MISS IT ! http://l2spectre.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234-advertisment-of-fresh-st
  3. I'm looking forward to buy : baium ring ant queen ring antharas 30 bilions top pvp belt Please do not ask for huge prices, I got some prices from the server owner so I won't pay more than that anyway. skype : fergusson1978
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