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  1. so many years where it comes to mmorpg is nothing special.
  2. i had the same, couldnt create a char. try to do full check with dragon loader and then overwrite with the zoom system
  3. ive got bored of it very fast. you do the same in every city there. its nothing special. gathering flags and so on... just a rubbish
  4. it was the same with walker on the test interlude on dragon network. but i dont know how it works :P
  5. about music: imagine how much cost a cd physically. lets say its 5% of the price in shop. what we get more, the promotion cost. and so on and so on. basically the cost to produce a cd is much less (or could be much less, due to big companies) than a price in shop. that leads to piracy. todays music is based on the quantity, not quality. about movies: id say, compare the price of cinema ticket, to a price a single dvd. just a laugh.
  6. for me, the best strategy in the closer past is world in conflict. it has great gameplay with great graphics. and is not another "build a base". some of the missions are truly demanding. i have also found not very popular game, but outstanding space strategy. Nexus. got also very nice missions. the strenght of theese 2 is also great story.
  7. modern warfare for the win :). gameplay at cs is crappy... never liked CS
  8. you have to select the on the walker computer and hit ok. then u get the information about queued connection. when connection is queued you go to the official pc and log in to server. choose server and so on. i get some problems there, sometimes my connection is broken. but works.
  9. dont joke huahua :D 1. take dn loader, run it, use full check there (not official one) 2. use the modified folder. place it in your lineage folder