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  1. As long as they keep pretending to be fg, the real fg and I will keep this shit up np. Like Fabio posted, we dont give a shit they are using our project name (we both left this scene a long time ago), I dont even care they are using the same theme but pretending to be fg is pretty fucking retarded in my book. Not to mention I do not want to be associated in any way with their crappy scripts and AI :x
  2. I can give you a screenshot of the owners of the real FB page of Evoke (me and fg) and show that it was fg aka Fabio Neves who wrote on FB that this retarded project is fake. Whats more to proof? I cant believe this shit is still going on lol.
  3. Oh I heard you are now telling people it was me who posted on our Facebook page that your project was fake and that you are the real fg, even more bullshit to add to the ever increasing pile: I didnt even know about this uncreative, off the shelve extender money scam you are trying to run until fg told me...
  4. Greek fake efegue, why dont you reply to the facts presented? fg and I both tried contacting you guys on your (our?) site and both got banned instead of a decent reply. Also refer to locked pmfun thread for nicklaming / scamming by these guys: http://forum.pmfun.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=70747&p=299043#p299043 Same should happen here imo to prevent the , already fragile, low rate l2 community from people like this.
  5. double post. Fake server, money grab project etc - see previous page.
  6. Ares here. I can confirm what fneves said - this has absolutely nothing to do with the old L2Evoke.. No body gives a shit that you are using our server name but acting like you are in any way affiliated with the orginal L2Evoke is just plain lame and your whole operation shows your lack of originality. - One of you is acting like he is fg, while he is clearly not (fg is from Portugal, this fake fg is from Greece (ip: - You have copied our entire site from web.archive, including several of my posts from the orginal L2Evoke forum. - You are running completely
  7. - Sword of Revolution - Spiked club - Light crossbow - brig set including shield - elven jewelry set and a bunch of adena PM offers
  8. As the topic says, looking to buy some proof of bloods on Skelth. Might also be interested in some PL sets and/or emi bows at the right price.
  9. bought multiple times, quick delivery and fair prices. definitly recommended
  10. looks interesting (and ambitious) :)
  11. Server seems stable now and has nice community. Would recommend this to everyone who likes a retail experience but doesnt have the time to play with very low rates.
  12. been waiting for something like this!
  13. interesting, finally a serious project :o