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  1. 1 Billion Adena Seraph R set 40 Giants Codex and some other crap lmk what u need.
  2. Hey guys, it's been a while since i used mXc. last time i recall using the website was during my lineage 2 days. I returned hoping to be able to market some items on some games this time around! Would be appreciated if someone could give me some tips on selling to avoid getting scammed or paypal recalling money back.
  3. Would a server know if you use this or not? such as L2ws?
  4. Lineage 2: Drama World ( Replicated server from playervibe ) l2br l2inc l2vitality l2Nitro ( Banner is lol ) L2Drops
  5. Paladins I find to be the best if played properly. I wont go into very much detail. Paladin with correct buffs could spam sacrifice and heal more hp than they lose, Buff on cool down reduction and get prayer and you should be able to play as a bishop/Tank I prefer to Use Health in the beginning, once my hp has dropped below the bonus from the health i will switch to focus, then Phoenix icon, and angelic Icon + ToL should give me close to full hp again. When the Angelic icon runs out and Phoenix Icon i would switch to a mage weapon w/ acumen when necessary. to heal myself. You're cast