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  1. i sell it , i don't want to trade accounts also i need only cash :P
  2. sorry i am playing Aion now .. :(
  3. selling--> robe set +30 mace +30 1.2kkk adena dominator with full +30 skills cloack +30 rb jewel set +30 pm me here
  4. when u observ games sometimes it drops u in arena as observer but u see ur char ur skills but they can't see u or when u try do a skill or attack on one of them u have the msg "observers cannot participate "
  5. oxi einai san geodata problem to exo kanei se 3 server enas apo autous o refused pou einai sxetika poli psagmenos server
  6. 1. u try observ games until it drops u in stadium w/o return button 2.soe (if u can't soe the admin got fixed it) 3.go next to a friend and check if he see u (100% if u make soe u are invisible)\ 4.sign to a game alone or same time with a friend who will feed u 5a. if ur feed failed and u play vs someone else he can't see or /target u and the game end as tie 5b.if u play vs ur friend he alt+crt+del to critical his client and loose the game and u get feeded i hope this will help on oly addicts :P it's not work on refused anymore
  7. kalispera ,loipon 1.exeis enan xaraktira nobless 2.dokimazeis na kaneis observ se games tis olympiadas pou paizoun sinexeia mexri na se dixnei mesa sto stadio kai na min sou exi to koumpi return 3. kaneis soe ( an to exoun ftiaxei ston server sas den se afinei na kaneis soe ) 4. diloneis na paixeis (gia na eisai sigouros pigene dipla se enan filo sou na deis an fenese) 5.mpeneis sto game alla den mporeis na kaneis tpt o allos den se blepei oute mporei na kanei /target 6.perneis tie ama tixeis me filo sou pou einai na se feed tou les na kanei alt+ctr+den na baresei critical os
  8. den pianei exei tixei na exeis 5 spasimata stin sira ,kai alles fores na anebazeis 5 + sti sira einai aplos tixi
  9. an other option for this is to make trade the items in trade window can't drop as i know .