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  1. L2 Lithra website: http://l2lithra.pl Rates: 10000x Enchant: Save 16 Max 16 General: What works? -100% Skill -Geodata-full -Oly (I know this is standard but met with the interlude servers where it was broken) -And the rest of the things that long to write in Info: - Auto skill learn - Custom NPC /(buffer / gk / gmshop, etc) NO CUSTOM Items - Buff time 4h Normal Buffer - NO DONATION - Hero every week Farm: Not on this server dedic: The Intel Xeon processor i7 W3520 2x 4x 2.66 + GHz 8 MB L2 - 4.8 GT QPI /
  2. Hello, I want to present you a new high rate interlude server! L2lithra.pl Info about server: exp:x5000 sp:x5000 hero every week Enchant: max - 17 safe - 5 Chance: normal scroll - 75 % crystal scroll - 100 % Custom Npc: -buffer -gmshop -globalgk Locations: -custom farm. -custom rb. Abaut files: -working oly -99 % skills -Class Balanced -And everything what work on l2j! Dedic: -Intel Bi Xeon E5504 8x 2.00+ GHz -12 GB DDR3 -1500 GB - SATA2 -Connection - 1 Gb/s -Linux SERVER S