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  1. WTB GH85 x5 FREEDOM RPG Nobless Vorpal light set AQ Baium Mamba edge duals
  2. GH 85 Full sub Vorpal light set 3*120 Tezza +5 all 3rd skill +15 / +20 and many many many more Adena 19€ / kkk big stock 15kkk+ Ready for olympiad with all stuff required (oly ring, btb staff, mental shield etc..). GH 84 Full sub 40€ with Moirai set and Dual icarus 150 with emails TH 83 Full sub 25€ SD 82 15€ SWM 79 10€ Cov 78 10€ pm here for more infos
  3. Buying AQ / Baium / Zaken / Anthy on RPG x7 pm me prices Also looking for Adenas (not retarded prices)
  4. As the title say, i'd like to buy GH 85 noble with subs ready to oly. pm me with prices
  5. WTS GH 84 Nobless Vorpal light set full attri Dual vesper shaper 300 att Greenery cloak Zaken Cloak (Quest) Oly ring + Earing + Belt + Bracelet All skills +10-15 pm me for more infos