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  1. Guys thank you for your pm's but all the adena is sold now. Stay tuned for more.
  2. Please pm me as I dont have skype may be use discord?
  3. Currently have 34kk+ adena for sale on Classic Giran NA 1kk = 7$USD / 6 Euro Payments only PayPal, delivery in 1 minute. Trusted Seller.
  4. For sale is Eminence Bow +3 and full C grade jewels set. pm me for more information. Trusted Seller.
  5. Phantom Ranger 61lv VIP 4lv. 5 days Rune 30% exp UP for sale. The char have all skills learned and around 25% more to hit 62lv. The char is empty just Dyes. Private message for info Trusted Seller.
  6. The char have 1000 NCoins , 4 LV VIp, 50% Exp Rune 10 days left Price reduced to 80USD first one takes it.
  7. Finnaly Bloody Server to come up! Good job hope to see this live soon.
  8. Hello, as I decide to stop playing on the server duo life duties I'm willing to sell my chars. 1. Phantom Ranger - 58lv + VIP 4 , Rune 50% exp 14 days just used 15 days = 50 Euro only the rune, Dyes +STR - CON The char is clean, no weapon just Moon set and Dyes. I accept payments only by PayPal. Please if you are interested leave me a message. LOW PRICE LOW PRICE LOW PRICE! Best regards.