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  1. Amazing interface, best available at the moment in my opinion. And the best part is the dynamic side of it. It gives all the options so everyone can personalize just the way they want it (skill bars, effects on screen, damage, criticals etc etc). Great work both Celetstine and Spectre. Also last but not least, customer service is amazing, always responding in time, always very friendly and explaining everything to the very last detail. I am really happy that i ve worked with these guys. Keep it up!
  2. Anyone knows any Gracia Final mid rate opening soon? or any already opened not very long time ago?
  3. I came here to spread the word for Aria and realized someone else did it for me ^^ Lets bring some noise in this server guys! :D
  4. New server launched at 01.10.2011 low rate http://l2.ariagaming.com/ Features : EXP/SP/Adena Rates: 7x 01 - 51 6x 52 - 75 4x 76 - 82 3x 83 - 84 2x 84 - 85 Other Rates: Drop: 4x Spoil: 4x Sealstones: 4x Quest: 4x Server: Retail like based on L2Off Gracia Final Revision 87 Fully working (unlike every other server with Revision 83) Our own Anticheat system Offline shops Queen Ant, Zaken, Core and Orfen as level 85 raids Chat can be logged to a text file Unique rate syste
  5. Somebody who really got info about this server (no random ppl plz) to tell us what the hell is gonna happen...
  6. omg there can't be just 1 server, low rate, interlude, retail....
  7. how about a server with: xp/sp rate: x7-x15 adena/drop/spoil close to xp rate 1st & 2nd class q, whatever 100% retail subclass/noblesse/3rd class q NO donates! with some good community (700+) Notice: don't tell me L2 Ice rly Br suck...
  8. Maybe somebody give us some answear about this server? whats gonna happen with DDoS attacks, downtimes etc... Please don't make us lose our time for nothing. Server started with about 1300-1400 ppl, and after so many downtimes you can't see more than 600. If this keeps going on none will stay.