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  1. files that are shared 4free its corrupted and not good.. searching for better files ( maybe someone work on them and make them more stable and buggless ) ...
  2. As topic says i want to buy L2files gracia final ( pride like ) , add me at skype "l2tradess" .
  3. trusted member ... trade done in 5minute.. got account and email codes for change emails , etc ... Thanks ..
  4. As title says i want to sell my character at Lineage 2 Core server. Character havent any gear on him Main :Othell Ghost Hunter ( elf ) - 99lvl 16ap - Full enchanted skills Dual :Yul Trickster - 99lvl 8ap - enchanted skills pm me with your skype and your offer. Payments : Paypal/WU
  5. i still waiting your answer.. check your pms
  6. As title says im selling characters and items at L2Tales x15 ... Items : Elegia Robe set +12 Archangel Sword +12 Acumen Blessed Zaken +12 Blessed Freya +12 Antharas +12 Beleth +8 Vorpal Leather Set +8 Mamba Dual Daggers +8 Top Belt Defence +8 Olf +10 Talisman +1 All stats Talisman +2 Con Talisman +2 Wit Talisman +2 Int Talisman +2 Dex Talisman +2 Str and Some shits sets Vesper/Moirai/Vorpal and jewels +6/7/8 Characters : Phoenix Knight 85lvl , Full +15/+30 skills , Nobl Storm Screamer 85lvl , Full +15/+30 skills , Nobl Adventurer 85lvl , Full +15/+30 Skills , N
  7. Bought what i want.. Thanks
  8. as title say , wtb items at l2 woa x50 Overenchant items/epic jewels Im not willing to go first , we can use middleman .. ( i can sharedesktop you my history on paypal-verified ( to avoid photoshop pictures ) then you can decide ) im paying only with paypal btw.. if u interesting pm me with what items you have and the prices..
  9. as title says i want to buy at l2tales : +8-12 Valakas/Antharas +12 Light set pm me with ur offers
  10. i want to buy golds at Lordaeron server.. pm me with your amount and price..
  11. wtb s grade sets++ / rb's ... pm me with your item list and your prices..