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  1. WTS : Sayhas Lvl 99 +8 ap With dual Feoh 99+16Ap +10 Int Feoh skills enchanted +5 Talisman Desire Shiny Shirt +7 The feoh dual is 100% of 99 ================================================== ================ Feoh Mustic Muse 96 / dual Iss Hierphant 90 Elf Yull tricster 93 Dual 89 Othell Wind Ride Dark Elf Feoh 96/ Dual Wyn 92 Spectral Master All of em in 1 account with more than 28 hs ov vitality ================================================== ================ ================================================== ================ Have some archer and ohtell also, pm for more
  2. WTS Adena on core 30 eu x 1b as gift, have 15+ in stock right now...for more info add on skype i.Latino.i I made deals with some ppl like RammusOp and Ciik
  3. As tittle says i want to sell Adena on L2 core 32 eur per b got 10b in stock, pm here or skype i.Latino.i
  4. WTS PWlvl 1-99 or 1-85 for 1-99 that will be in less than a week, just let me know here what lvl do you need and ur offers.. or add in skype i.Latino.i
  5. WTS +9 Eternal Robe set On core server, pm with offer only or add skype i.Latino.i
  6. I want to buy adena on core 10b+ or some nice items, pls pm with price or add skype RammusOp can vouch for me
  7. Wts Tank/Dagger/Tyrr/Wizard/Wynn lvl 87 on magmeld + Hero return pack.. Leave me your offer here or in skype i.Latino.i WTS TANK 90 WITH CLAN LVL 5 BARTZ With Twi set + Octavis Shirt
  8. let me know the price pls or add me in skype for an offer i.Latino.i