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  1. Hello! I would like to sell this account, its from first owner, empty personal data, never banned. Elf woman, main lvl98 eva's templar tank ~70%, dualclass wyn spectral master lvl93. Have about 100kk adena Items worth ~3kkk Skills +4 Power Shirt +7 Talisman - Hellfire Zaken earring Top grade stun resist earring Top PVP Def belt R95 CON hair accessory Cloak of Freya Seraph heavy set 3*120 Metal Suit Eternal Breastplate, gaiters, boots 3*120 Twilight leather set Apo thrower 300 for wyn Item Skill: Giant's Damage Reflect on C weapon In WH there are 11 X 1ho
  2. Bought 2b from iMini . Now i dont need more
  3. WTB 2b adena from cheapest seller. I pay with paypal gift. If you are trustable i pay first, if you are new or you have few posts than adena first.