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  1. https://postimg.org/image/qkzrhkmld/ Exw kanei ta panta! kai exw psaksei kai ta panta! help! win 10pro logismiko.
  2. Me and some friends have prob with the patch/UPDATER is giving an error every single time... tried everything took of antivirus/walls dl again and again but still noth
  3. My friend i dont wanna offense you and your "perfect server" but you try too hard for it... WHO SPOKE ABOUT C.speed on set? i just said that the farm is not worth for the stats that the set gives...You say about holistic and STRATEGIES...the only strategy is that...Holistic and m attack tattoo... so if the server play like this there is no strat any more.. Anyway you think you made a good server and after the full farm isnt matter what/how you play..Maybe this is your logic for the server.. GL hf with 30 online.
  4. OK MATE...come and play and see the diference ;) and then tell me i dont know how to play.
  5. The same again...if you have c.speed you hit faster...if you dont have c.speed and you have better reuse skill again you hit fast... Where is the strategy?
  6. The apella armor is a joke...whaste of farming all that shit...many lefts cause has bonus 150 m attack on mage...NOTHING more... :S
  7. Rly fail geodata.! Daggers stuck behind the champs and cant use skills even they have more speed cause the front char is in running!
  8. Unstable server...with much lag...Gm community is pretty low...3GMS online no1 care about nothing.. Dunno maybe The legend isnt rly back!