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  1. neo hero and pvp same http://imgur.com/a/QcVop
  2. http://l2mid.com - New server Oct- Nov 2017
  3. Neophrom? we are done? why you can not prove to paypapl what u sold?
  4. twice per day xd LAL skylord is the big cheater and scammer.
  5. What i found :) Before to come in mxc Nephrong was banned in rarw.su FORUM selling his shits and scamming people. Prove my of payment. 2 day after my payment Neophron still ignore my call. Today i still dont have my files... only this picture. I am not a scammer like Neophron said i just want to be clear my cast. SkyLord memeber since 2013 best of luck
  6. Sell 100% ddos protection for L2OFF ext. via cliext.dll

  7. Best servers does not sell Items. We got only noblesse and premium rune for LG. Do not associate us with tales. We do not sell epics and over-еnchanted items (h5 sets). about corrupt admin server etc.. there si no prove.. just your word
  8. поехали next target liru/dex
  9. Professional team.. do not know how to stop this . sad storka :S