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  1. hy! please tell me how can multiplicate servers.. ex: 1 server H5. 1 server C6.. can someoane tell me please ty!
  2. <zone id='11037' type='MultiFunctionZone' shape='NPoly' minZ='-4500' maxZ='-2500'> <stat name='name' val='Primeval Isle'/> <node X='5073' Y='-22541' Z='-2903' isChaotic="true" /> <node X='4068' Y='-24831' Z='-4248' isChaotic="true" /> <node X='9180' Y='-25559' Z='-4097' isChaotic="true" /> <node X='9992' Y='-22328' Z='-3035' isChaotic="true" /> <spawn X='11203' Y='-23857' Z='-3640'/> </zone>
  3. How can i Make flag zone?.. i try but not work.. i have codes.. but into game server console give me this "zoneData: no such zone type: MultiFunctionZone" can we do something for that?...
  4. Server Rates: SITE http://l2nanotek.ucoz.ro/ Xp:2000 Sp:2000 Adena:2000 Drop:1 Enchant safe+7 /Max+30 Olympiad System Siege System Class Balance 90% Custom: Proteções •ANT PHX •L2JWalker •Kick Enchant •ANT PHX Multisell •Entre Outras NPC'S •NPC Buffer •NPC Buffer Vip •NPC Gateekeper Global •NPC GM Shop ARMADURAS •Dynasty Armor Lv.1 •Ice Crusader Lv.2 •Titanium Lv.3 •Infernal (Dark Night) Lv.4 ARMAS •Dynasty Weapons Lv.1 •Epic Weapons Igual ao Kosglad Lv.2 •Demonic's Lv.3 •Icarus Weapons: Lv.4 ACESSORIOS Asas: •Valakas Wing •Angel Wing •Fallen Wing •Gargoyle Wing •Eva Wing •Netherworld Wing •Succubus Wing •Pixie Wing Shields: •Dynasty Wing •BloodLust Wing •Fire Wing •Ice Wing •HighGuard Wing •Titanium Wing •Hell Wing Shields Buffs: •Dark Angel Shield Buff Empower. •Dark Skull Shield Buff Focus. •Dark Red Shield Buff Death Whisper. •Dark Earth Shield Buff Haste. •Dark Arrow Shield Buff Guidance. •Dark Fire Shield Buff Bless the Body. •Dark Danger Shield Buff Agility.[/color] •Dark Magician Shield Buff Acumen. •Dark Strength Shield Buff Might. •Dark Air Shield Buff Shield. •Dark Water Shield Buff Magic Barrier. •Dark Flash Shield Buff Wind Walk. Cabelos Boss: •Zaken Swords •Zaken Hair •Baium Dread Joias Cronic: •Necklace of Cronic •Ring of Cronic •Earring of Cronic Joias Boss: Earring of Antharas •Necklace of Valakas •Ring of Baium •Zaken's Earring •Ring of Queen Ant •Earring of Orfen •Ring of Core Tattoos: •Tattoo of the Witch Empowered Lv. 4 •Tattoo of the Monk Empowered Lv. 4 •Tattoo of Divine Warrior Fighter Lv. 10 •Tattoo of Divine Wizard Mage Lv. 10 Mask's +200 e +300 •Mour Demon Mask Mask Protecao contra sword e pole. •Pour Demon Mask Mask Protecao contra Blunt e dual. •Mour Draconic Mask Protecao contra dagger. •Pour Draconic Mask Protecao contra arco. •Mour Ulquiorra Mask Protecao contra Water. •Pour Ulquiorra Mask Protecao contra Fire. •Mour Sarugaki Mask Protecao contra Wind. •Pour Sarugaki Mask Protecao contra Dark Magic. •Zour Sarugaki Mask Protecao contra hold, sleep, silence, shock, etc. •Supleme Full Mask Defesa Total contra warriors - all 30%. •Supleme Full Mask Defesa Total contra Magos - all 30%. •Supleme Full Mask Defesa Total contra Daggers e archers - all 30%. •Supleme Full Mask Defesa Total contra Debufs e Abnormais - all 30%. Come And you See :)
  5. http://l2nanotek.ucoz.ro/ Server Rates:: Xp:3000 Sp:3000 Adena:5000 Drop:1 Enchant safe+3 /Max+25 Olympiad System Siege System Class Balance 90% Custom:L2Gold Weapon And Armor Apella Mask Tatoo Cloaks