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  1. here is impossible to make infi stamina, karats on kritika, because everythink it's server side, u can only change infinity hp,mp, god mode, max attack and thats it from, so u can buy that mod from androidrepublic. com for 20$ they have a lot mods :)
  2. Hello everyone, so i leave tales i start play Blade and soul, soo i have some items on l2tales, vesper robe set +4 / 4lvl atr, vorpal h set +6+6+5+4+4 / 4parts 7lvl atri, a lot of jewels dyn, moirai, adena i think about 20kkk, about 20+ beas, and 10bews, main acc sph skills +10+14, a lot atributtes, crystals over then 100++, gc 500+ , a lot ls, mid, high, just give me know skype voops16 or pm here :)
  3. wassup guys, maybe someone have l2tales multibox bypass, i was using win10, can offer $$ not a lot but it's enough :) skype voops16
  4. emty, i lost nothing just get for free vorpal h set max atr :DD how? idk :D
  5. so my bot are scammer,whoohoo :D but today someone try to scam my acc :DDD
  6. when u need go to work at saturday, noo.... :okey:
  7. achyy a question on talesky , can u explain me one think, yeaterday i leave my adr at giran centre, and after few hours i found in my inv vorpal h set max atr +5+6+5+6 without helmet how it's can be possible? :DDDD another think it's can be, if someone drop these on ground, and on my bot be left drop function?? :DDDD
  8. u must buy adr key, if u wanna play in servers with smartguard..
  9. for me always no :D maybe try tomorrow, i think need change compatibility...