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  1. Hello, I am using a l2j Freya version. In order to balance, I would like to change my cancel formula to have the SPS/Sorcerer cancellation skill (ID 1056) lands for 100% chance, always. At this moment my cancellation skill from magos is failling too much -> cancel 0 buff 100% land rate and keeping the 5 max negated buffs is my goal. Editing the power, or the magicLvl in the skill.xml do not influence the land rate. (or not enough?) (Tested unsuccesfully with magicLvl 85 and Power 100) I have searched, and i'm a bit confuse between the 2 java files "" and "" I guess it's somewhere around the NEGATE case in Have to put a static variable like "landrate = 100". Not sure at all.. case NEGATE: { if (Formulas.calcSkillReflect(target, skill) == Formulas.SKILL_REFLECT_SUCCEED) target = activeChar; if (skill.getNegateId().length != 0) { for (int i = 0; i < skill.getNegateId().length; i++) { if (skill.getNegateId()[i] != 0) target.stopSkillEffects(skill.getNegateId()[i]); } } else if (skill.getNegateAbnormals() != null) { for (L2Effect effect : target.getAllEffects()) { if (effect == null) continue; for (String negateAbnormalType : skill.getNegateAbnormals().keySet()) { if (negateAbnormalType.equalsIgnoreCase(effect.getAbnormalType()) && skill.getNegateAbnormals().get(negateAbnormalType) >= effect.getAbnormalLvl()) effect.exit(); } } } else // all others negate type skills { int removedBuffs = (skill.getMaxNegatedEffects() > 0) ? 0 : -2; for (L2SkillType skillType : skill.getNegateStats()) { if (removedBuffs > skill.getMaxNegatedEffects()) break; switch(skillType) { case BUFF: int lvlmodifier = 52 + skill.getMagicLevel() * 2; if (skill.getMagicLevel() == 12) lvlmodifier = (Experience.MAX_LEVEL - 1); int landrate = 90; if ((target.getLevel() - lvlmodifier) > 0) landrate = 90 - 4 * (target.getLevel() - lvlmodifier); landrate = (int) activeChar.calcStat(Stats.CANCEL_VULN, landrate, target, null); if (Rnd.get(100) < landrate) removedBuffs += negateEffect(target, L2SkillType.BUFF, -1, skill.getMaxNegatedEffects()); break; case HEAL: ISkillHandler Healhandler = SkillHandler.getInstance().getSkillHandler(L2SkillType.HEAL); if (Healhandler == null) { _log.severe("Couldn't find skill handler for HEAL."); continue; } L2Character tgts[] = new L2Character[]{target}; Healhandler.useSkill(activeChar, skill, tgts); break; default: removedBuffs += negateEffect(target, skillType, skill.getNegateLvl(), skill.getMaxNegatedEffects()); break; }//end switch }//end for }//end else if (Formulas.calcSkillSuccess(activeChar, target, skill, shld, ss, sps, bss)) { skill.getEffects(activeChar, target, new Env(shld, ss, sps, bss)); } }// end case Actually i'm worried cause i dont want to change other cancel buff like Touch of Death or crusher. (physical ones) I can put here the full if needed. Thx for helping me. EDIT: Ive found how to do it : In fact the cancel system is rly complex. There is loop browsing all your buff and applying the formula. It permits to give you the random buff cancel, not only the last one. It's in handler So i have added : Line 92 : default: minRate = 20; maxRate = 50; break; Line 262 : if (rate < minRate) rate = minRate; else if (rate > maxRate) rate = maxRate; return Rnd.get(100) < rate; Also in the skill.xml i have change the magicLvl to '99'. This way, the skill land 100% always. In result, my cancel now remove always the maxnegated, and in random position.
  2. can you bypass smartguard with this interface ?
  3. Server : Openning date : Friday December 16th, 20h (Paris Time) Contact : Server main idea : Play Olympiad and improve your equipments gradualy. Olympiads are openned 24/7 and heroes selected everydays. Server max +8. No Farm. Features : High Five Chronicle Main Currency: Olympiad Token They can be used to buy boxes from these you can get a random item of the grade of the box Everything you need is at the gm shop,every character starts with low s grade , to get better items you don't need to farm you have to play olympiad or pvp Enchanting Rates : Max enchant = 8 Safe = 4 Rate = 60% If Blessed scroll fail = Item return to +4 If Normal scroll fail = Break item Enchant to +4 is free with auto enchant system Element:Max Attribute Level:4 Auto Element/Enchant system in the Custom Alt+B/Services section Element max(Maximum of server is lvl 4) in 1 click PvE rates RateXp = 2000. RateSp = 2000. RateDropAdena = 1500. Nobless : NewCharIsNoble = True (need 5 pvp) Buff/Debuff Limit : BuffLimit = 36 MusicLimit = 12 DebuffLimit = 5 TriggerLimit = 12 Olympiads Olympiad duration is 23hours. Heroes are selected every days at 00:00. 1000 Tokens reward if you win a match Olympiads: Oly start: 00:30 (GMT+2) Oly End: 00:00 Total duration for battle:23h30 Heroes selected everyday at 00:00(midnight) Validation Period 00:00 ->00:30 No enchant limit in oly 50 match per day starting 15 points 1000 tokens for winning match(Main currency of GMshop) Exchange rate 1 point=1000 tokens. Special changes ALL / Learning skills : Enchanting skill is always 100% - - PALADIN / Sacrifice : Can only be used on other target >> this is the meaning of a "sacrifice" ...
  4. Hi, I am looking for a Freya or Hi5 server pack. Server oylmpiad and pvp only. My project : - L2J or not - Don't care of quest integrity - Easy way to balance class - Skills stats updated and checked - No custom equipments or skills - Community Board custom, GMShop, Buffer, Olympiad rank, pvp rank, services NPC - Source file if possible I'am looking for a stable free pack Or I can pay for a legit pack (with some extra features already installed) $30 max. (If it worths it ..) I have already tested the "L2jWZ" and the old copy of Tales files. (Error everywhere ...) Looking for something else. Light and efficient ! Any suggestion ? Thx in advance.
  5. Hi, Do you have a clean client? What Windows are you using ? Try delete /system/option.ini and launch the game again.
  6. Hi Everyone, Here is the new Olyx server. Openned Today March 25, but still waiting hopzone, topzone approval... The idea is simple : This is an olympiad and pvp server without wasting time farming. To resume quickly : Olympiad +6 24/24 (match limited to 100 /week), all items in shop (epic, codex,armor etc.), NPC to enchant directly +10 all stuff, and other NPC to add direct lvl 4 Element on all pieces. Ah there is an autoflag pvp area with oly token reward at kill. Create an account, Log in, spend 5mn to equip, and you can go play olympiad. You can join here to train your olympiad skill. Server : High Five Chronicle Server Files : L2WZ No custom. AutocreateAccount = Off Professional Server hosted by OVH (Paris, France) Xeon QuadCore / 16GB RAM / HDD RAID DDOS Protection Automatic restart during night Rates : Exp/ SP / Adena : x1000 Start lvl 85 / 3x Subclass 85 Max Enchant : +10 Safe Enchant : +10 Max Elemental : lvl 4 Buffs limit : 28/12 Services : GM SHOP : All items for free (armor, weapon, codex, stone, jewels boss etc…) NPC Auto Enchant +10 armor and weapon NPC Auto Element lvl 4 armor and weapon NPC Buffer with macro NPC Service : Free Nobless, Free subclass / No Quest NPC Token Shop : Exchange your olympiad point for Foundation/Accessories/PvP bonus Custom command : .password / .repair Olympiad : Olympiad fight 24/24H 100 matchs 1vs1 limit Start with 100 points Time before Teleport : 30s Olympiad +6 Heroes are selected the 1,7,13,19,25 of each month at 12:00 You can play Olympiad the same day of Heroes day Premium GEODATA, with Pathfinding and High Precision
  7. L2Olyx will offer you experience you cannot find somewhere else. So in this server you won’t find any custom stuff, or crazy max enchant. Our main purpose is to provide you a private server which looks like as retail as possible. FEATURES Server High FiveChronicle Server Files : L2j Project No custom. AutocreateAccount = Off Professional Server hosted by OVH (Paris, France) Xeon QuadCore / 16GB RAM / HDD RAID DDOS Protection Automatic restart during night Gameplay System GM Shop till B Grade. Start lvl 58, Subclass directly 75 Buffer +30 without Songs/Dances Nobless in one click / No quest for subclass Codex / Elements / Talismans are in Shop Retail Raid Boss Instance and Custom raid boss spawner to drop equipment full Challenge Freya instance in Easy or Hardcore mode, and other RB … Craft System Only farm for Recipes and Enchant : Direct drop on mob at 10% chance All materials and craft Pieces in GMShop Dwarf exp with craft. (rate x1000 : 1 success = lvl-up) Foundation activated All blacksmith in town and Mammon 24/7 Olympiad Individual match limit extended to 110 match (instead of 60) per week Olympiad period 1 week Olympiad shop with cloaks Rates Exp/Sp : x15 Adena : x500 Enchant Weapon /Armor Max: +10 Enchant Weapon /Armor Safe: +4 All Enchant Scrolls success : 66%, Blessed enchant returns to +0 Skill Enchant Max : +30 Element Level Max : 4 rate 100% success We are looking for BladeDancer and SwordSinger ! Openning Sunday November 9th. Check Countdown on website.