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  1. Hey, selling top account on l2 Warland x12 Main: Dominator 80lvl, subclasses 79++ lvl aw, gladi, Skills all +15 DC +10, MA +10, TT +10, AM+13 empower passive DB +12 passive duel might Many more auguments. A lot of mats. Easy char to be Hero. One of the bests chars on Warland. You can change nickname for 5K gold. If you are really interested we will do the trade with a middleman. Make serious prices in PM. Discord: L2Warland-Seller#0518
  2. L2 Warland x12 Stock: WTS DRACO SET+10+DYNASTY SKIN - 65€ WTS DB+f+12+skull skin worth 30k - 70€ WTS DC ROBE SET+12+12+13+10 - 40€ WTS AM+10 - 26€ WTS DUALS S+10 - 32€ WTS TT neck+11/earring +9 and +10/ TT ring+8 - 45€ WTS AQ+8 - 79€ Gold pack 10k - 6,50€ Discord = Liderman525#2867
  3. i am playing there and its very nice interlude server for 2019 one of the bests
  4. We are going to this server, It will last for about 3 years so I am not worry about wipe i next months
  5. Hey guys im buying pp 58 lvl ++ on PM me with offers can be clean char.
  6. L2 Warland x20 Interlude I’m looking for GOLD or some EPIC’S pm me with offers or write it down on the post. Trusted members welcome.
  7. up could someone give me the site to download the html bug? i think thats gonna work on c5
  8. Hi guys i am selling Fifa 13 Origin Account all you need it to text me on skype przemek.sniper1. I need PSC only. The price is arround 25€-20€.