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  1. this is the message that appeared this time.. i do not know if it is the same each time
  2. This interface has everything i need...too bad i can not use it...i am getting all the time critical error after 3-4 mins. Then i can not log into the game and i have to delete the options file in the system in order to play again. Any tips from my dear friends @Celestine @Iordanov can be helpful
  3. well this is the best looking interface but i am still facing problems...i am getting disconnects 1/3 times when i am trying to log in...Olympiad calculator is not working for me...i can not see the buffs of the right player on the Olympiad arena...
  4. is there any chance to see the buffs of the second fighter in olympiad arena?
  5. is someone out there who can help me? how can i activate the olympiad calculator? is there any option or it should appear automatically?
  6. how can i enable the Olympiad damage calculator? is there any button or it appears automatically? i have used this patch as a fighter inside the arena and as an observer but i can not see it..everything else is working fine
  7. i am looking for someone who uses this patch to inform me if and how olympiad calculator is working...everything else is working perfect
  8. how can i enable oly calculator? is there any button or it appears automatically? i have used this patch and i can not see it