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  1. ρε μαλακα μαχτορ εισαι ζωον ξερεις ποσα account 2008? exw? sas kserw apo tin kali kai apo tin anapodi iste sto pio tragiko stadio..
  2. First Vote: Observer (reason): Very nice compo + lightings exactly x-mas tag Second Vote: Bavarous (reason): Nice effects, and well-thinked tag.
  3. Enforce rule made by MAXTOR?: "Homemade servers hosted on your pc with low connections with stupid servers that you don't even try if they work properly are not allowed." Totally agree with that.
  4. And why you post them if they are not your works? FAIL.
  5. no i'm not believe me I'm just kidding I just don't like this kind of music.
  6. Done, and I just posted some people which spent time in GFX.