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  1. We don't have protection against L2Tower, but I think the best protection is good and active gamemasters. @Beatnuts Maybe the admin was afk, you can't judge someone only by not answering when you want.
  2. Master of Lineage 2 Server! www.masteroflineage2.ro GRAND Opening 05.04.2013 - 18:00 GMT+2 Server Rates: XP = 20x SP = 20x Adena = 40x Drop = 15x Raid Drop = 5x Quest Drop = 15x Quest Reward = 15x Spoil = 15x Party XP/SP Multiplier = 2x (getting more XP/SP when in party) Enchant Rates: Safe enchant: +3 weapons / +3 Armors / +3 Jewels Max enchant normal and blessed: +16 Weapons / +12 Armors and Jewels Max enchant crystal: +18 Weapons / + 14 Armors and Jewels Max enchant in oly: +6 Weapon / +6 Armor / +6 Jewels Element chance
  3. Master of Lineage L2 Private server Mid Rate Opened to live! Thursday, July 02 2009. http://www.masteroflineage2.tk/ Server Rates: 20x XP 20x SP 50x Adena 10x Drop 10x Spoil 2x Party XP Multiplier 2x Party SP Multiplier Server Info: Skills AutoLearn skills Spellbooks not anymore needed (Gracia Final Change) Life cystals not needed for clan skills Book of Giants needed to enchant skills Buffs, dances, songs, chants are 2 hours duration Vitality system Retail Epic boss system Enchant: Enchant weapon, armor, jewelry = 70% Blessed