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  1. Thank you for share, it seems assist in party doesnt work for me?
  2. I dont know if late.Look Frintezza seems to working properly what do you want to fix?I think frintezza is fine hold working , spells spam .All fine. Test the quest first of all make a channel with 4 and then with 5 pts. 4 pts of 7 char must try.Check if quest way work properly, unless you just want to make a teleport in frintezza spawn.
  3. Hey guys i add my code for pvp color system and it doesnt work do u have idea ex. l2jmod.propreties...blablabla
  4. Hey i thing forum is a bit dead in 2013?
  5. Npc problem is fixed. Npc radious is the problem. My problem is in view the weapons now but i trying.
  6. Still the same :( P.S 17/2/2013 11:16 1: Problem fixed the owner of npc have collision_height at 255 lol... Problem is now how to make the weapons see with my own name and dont destroy s weapons names :(
  7. Hello i add a special shop it works when i spawn it is like //invis mode...i /target it and it works /attack how i can fix that problem :( Client:Interlude(c6) Is special shop with demonic weapons and apella armor(found in mxc).
  8. Καλησπέρα ωραίος οδηγός αλλά αν θέλω για Chant of victory δεν γίνεται (id 1363) δοκίμασα level (2,30,130,120) δεν μου έδεινε το skill καμιά ιδέα?
  9. Hello can someone give me link for buffer ?Links dead!
  10. Hello how i can create my own lineage2 items px materials i dont ask about weapons and armors. i want know about items like (steel ore, etc). I just searched much times in forum and i find only about weapons,armors...
  11. Hey does anyone know why i find one day in one spot the rooney and i go next day and is not there?