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  1. min grafete oloi polu kalo kai tetoia prin to dokimasete o tupos bariotan mexri kai to SQL na ftia3ei!!! 1on.Einai klemeno share 2on.Den einai fixarismeno 8elei douleia gia na to baleis ston server
  2. Just a fully Unbalanced server like all the others .... Nothing new .. Nothing Special I just lost my time in server
  3. like 1k another spammers .... sh1t to die ---> Galanty ;)
  4. Server opened for 5 mins and down :/ Not good start you dissapoint so many ppl
  5. Come on rly good Server .... Admin is a kid No balance in server Home made and close everyday Server will close FOREVER!! QQ with that
  6. :) Hello MXC ppl :) I need a server with : 8) 1st:Rates must be MID (x20-x200) 2nd:Drop/Spoil Rate not less than x10 3rd:GM Shop till B grade Not more 4rd:Raid Boss Hunt / Craft for A/S Items 5th:Raid Bosses should be little easier!!! Untill Now i couldnt find a server LIKE THIS!!!! So if you have one post it here and ill join with my whole clan IM waiting for your posts .... THNX 8)
  7. i dont unterstand why you just spawn for a server that is not open and we have to wait to join and play pfff
  8. The server is HUGE fail.... 1st: No ppl ON (and never will be) 2nd: Fail New character spawn area without NPCs nothing GL with that
  9. Drops from MOBS are on ground WTF? Server is full of ofline shops like 100 and 0 ppl online playing pff one more fail server with much lags and 0 online