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  1. Hey guys it has been a while since i have been into L2. Since Official is free to play ima give it a shot there. Any easy bot suggestions? :)
  2. try http://l2unleashed.com pretty nice server, which started yesterday
  3. yea and ofc for bnet ....
  4. Hey guys can anyone share R95 Seraph Armor textures and animations? I need them badly. Would be great if you can also share the fitting armorgrp.dat thx in advance.
  5. Hey guys Diablo 3 is about to go live and there is already an Emu server available. Think it would be great to have a Bot / Hacking and Private Serv section in this forum <3
  6. Diablo 2, i have played this game for almost a decade !
  7. If i want to start loader.exe i get the message "DNS not found" what should i do?
  8. oog is not my style ^^ sry but i will try to get one working later today