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  1. Oh yah and one more thing which I don't know if you knew GM but fix vote reward system. In old server when we got vote reward while online you could get it on all dual boxes. Some players even had 10 accounts on at the same time for more reward. Make reward only for a single account per ip.
  2. Thank you for taking this into consideration and I look forward to the server's opening. In the event that there will be a beta please announce it here.
  3. I was one of the top pvp players in the server last year before it died and all I can say is history will repeat itself if you allow donators to ruin your server drive players away. Also another thing to note is that the donation button in your website was turned off the entire time when the server was running so it was not possible to donate directly through the website so let's just say I'm a bit skeptical about the players who were supposedly donators. After 1 week of server runtime these players suddenly had 2 x augments and were killing everyone in server in 2-3 hits with their mages because naturally mages were most op class and other players barely had 2-3 raid jewels and not even enchanted. I played 3 weeks and used hundreds of lifestones and I believe I only got 3 active augments which were useless and these jokers had 2x augments in the first week + apella sets enchanted to + maximum and raid jewels as well and should I mention the fact that they were barely on the lower end of the top 10 pvp kills when they had aquired their gear while I had + 0 apella gear and a +16 weapon with no augment but had top pvp count. I don't have anything against donators as long as they give other players a chance so consider the option of no donation at least for the first month so normal players have a chance
  4. Everyone knows this server is a troll and the GM is a major bullshitter.... he will always say that we are wrong and we don't know anything even if someone presents evidence against him same way Paponku did. I wish the staff in maxcheaters would ban his server topics forever.
  5. No one except the gm's and the full S grade full enchanted and full heroes clan that they created which is always afk in Giran. Seriously stop spamming the thread with this crap, every 2 days you post the whole "New season... no bots.. 400 people online bla bla bla crap" I tried your server and the only people online are the offline shops in towns and the fake ass heroes you created, I don't think I encountered a real player in the server, just bots farming in catacombs. Don't get me wrong it does have some nice features but it does not have room in today's l2 community and the fact that you are always lying about server security and real online player count proves how desperate you are to keep this server online but you know it's dead and your attempts to repopulate it with players will forever be destined to fail. My only advice is to make a new server entirely and try to follow a few of the trends in today's servers. As far as I remember craft in mid rate or high rate server was popular prior to 2010 when players knew more L2 than today's fast pvp noobs. That's why your server will not have players because a large portion of today's L2 community is made up of 11-14 year olds who started L2 after the Interlude chronicles appeared where 90% of servers had all items in gmshop. The players who started playing L2 before C4 are all grown up with jobs families and all that and they don't play anymore and the ones who do play on retail. You are saving yourself time and money if you close Lifedrain and start from scratch. Also it would be in your best interest to act a little more professional when it comes to communicating with the community. Swearing and insulting people in the forum will stain your image. I know there are trolls in the forum but it's just how it is. Hope this advice helps in some way.
  6. Nope just random gm friends with 2x empower augments given by the admin and all they do is kill new players and raid bosses which results in the server being empty like it is now. 6 days ago it was 150 online and now its 12 and all of them offline shops for vote reward :)) Any gm should know better than to help his friends with items.
  7. Against dagger glad is superior but the reason is that dagger success rate on blows is small as I said in my previous comment. I do agree that it should be boosted. I tried dagger against mage with dynasty and I hit them 600 damage in front.... no chance to pvp with it against this imballance. Glad only gets a bad repputation because it has the 2 aoe skills and of these 2 only sonic storm damages all players in a surrounding area, the other one only has that effect on monsters but in pvp it only damages the targeted enemy. But other than that those skills are not op.
  8. Agree fix the aura reuse time, it's way too fast and decrease sps m.crit ammount cause right now mages hit me 1k normal dmg and 4k m.crit As mend said this sh1t was patched years ago so i don't know how it got in this server since most server files have these bugs fixed. I don't agree on gladiator because it's damage is ok if you are fighting as equal characters. If you wear A grade armors then guess what... a duelist with +18 dynasty duals will destroy you. When you buy dynasty armors you won't see your hp drop so fast. I hit mages with dynasty armors 800 dmg and 2k crit and they still kill me cause mages are op by default here. Same goes for archers with dynasty, I hit them 1k normal hit and 2k crit I do agree that dagger is underpowered here because while using skills in front of players it's skill land rate is fail (60% I think) and it's damage is no more than 1k and that is on normal characters that wear A grade armors. Their skills are very good from behind though because they can crit 2-3k damage on dynasty wearing players. On A grade players the damage can go up to 6k depending on the class
  9. I played 2 weeks ago and it was nice untill I saw a donator or gm friend whatever he was. With sps I hit every archer 1k normal dmg and 2-3k mcrit. Then out of the blue an archer appears and I hit him 600 dmg and 1,5k mcrit( and no he was not a different class, he was archer because he was using stun shot on me) And he was hitting me 2xdmight augment damage. The only explanation for this is that he had stuck passive augments because everyone has the same buffs so no chance in hell did he have so much m.def while having 2xdmight. This is the reason your server will fail because it's corrupted and you help your friends. I understand you want donations but making a player overpowered in the server will make any new player delete your system folder.
  10. I tried creating an account in your forum but I never got the confirmation e-mail so i will write it here. There are allot of bugs in the server like skills not working if you target npc's or other players, dynasty duals don't give bonus when enchanted over 4 and their crit rate is 2 times smaller than tallum/dark legion. Also I tested enchant system in beta and I think I spent 2000 vote coins from the beta free shop (which is roughly 1 year of getting votes from site) to enchant 1 single weapon to max +20. Imagine how it's gonna be when server is live and people actually start getting vote coins. The point is no player in the server will ever get maxed out on all armor and weapon parts because a 75% chance on crystal scrolls is too low. I think the best thing for a faction server is to put the scroll at 60% and if it fails it goes -1 enchant and not to +0 This is a high rate faction server so no player wants to waste months of his life enchanting items.
  11. - Pvp zone has geodata bugged( we get stuck in terrain and there are invisible walls that don't let us pass) Change the area and don't use Primeeval Island. - Archer critical power is overpowered ( normal hits on mage 400 dmg and crit hits 4-5k) - Dagger critical on back is overpowered ( got 4-5k crit hit on mage). - Augments are fail. They last 2 minutes and they give very few stats: - Active Shield = +86 pdef - Active focus = +17 crit rate The rest are probably the same except battle roar that gives 2-3k hp, but at this point augments are very hard to get since chance is so low so might as well make the buffs last longer and give higher stats. - The ideea with the improved jewels is good because you can choose to have either p-atk atk speed or have resists with classic raid jewels which is is good for mages debuffs. - Mage class is ballanced although they can use more pdef(maybe implement tatoo with pdef). - Gladiator skills have slow reuse especially focus sonic even with 1k atk speed so change that otherwise gladiator is useless in pvp especially since it's base damage is low ( 700 dmg on archer with +16 duals) - Dominator is useless in pvp, I tested all seals +10 and they never land plus the damage is very low. - The epic raid bosses are lame. The drop is not worth fighting them especially Baium , Frintezza, Antharas , Valakas( put something else in the drop like a custom tatoo) - Remove cancel buff attack from Ara boss and Golkonda, it's annoying to go rebuff always. - Also Core is overpowered, it has double or triple pdef compared to Ant Queen and Zaken and has same drop as them so not worth killing it. Modify buffs so that buff slots are 32, self buff slots are 5 and debuffs are 4.
  12. Server is almost dead . 150 on compared to 500 that it had over 1 week ago and almost all are afk for vote reward . I played 1 hour today and I haven't seen 1 single player in solozone . Guess all the archer lovers left the server since you ballanced their classes . Also you ruined duelist damage . Sonic buster and storm has the reuse screwed up ( even with 900 atk speed , the reuse on those skills is same as having 700 atk speed ) and they used to hit 300-1.4k dmg but now max damage is 800 . Also sonic blast hits 900 dmg which is mega fail . What damage are you supposed to do against archers that run like hell ? 200 with sonic rage and 900 with blast while they are hitting you 1.5-2k dmg ? Also dominator can kill 2 duelists at once . Your first L2roar was fail cause it had stackable augments and allot of players had donated passive skills , this one was fail cause of unballanced classes and crap geodata ( maybe even donators or GM friends with stuck passive augments too ;) ) Next time when you reopen the server hopefully it will be decent. P.S. we don't really give a rats ass that your server shows 500+ online . We prefer to play in a lag free server with 100 players online rather than a laggy server filled with 500 afk bots so find a feature that disconnects afk bots so they don't lagg the f**k out of us .
  13. In all your list of features you failed to mention that all characters have GM haste lvl 4 in their skills . Will this skill be removed in the grand opening or will there still be titans with 3000 atk speed . Just saying your features are good but that skill kinda ruins all the work . Also 3 active augment slots? I tested the server and got 4 on my buff list . I had dual might , might , refresh and battle roar . Also if you put 3 augment slots your server will be archer dominated cause they will have active 2xmight , might , focus and passive 2xmight or focus again . Archer with 2500 atk speed and those augments kill anything in under 5 seconds . Also +30 enchant skill? Taking in account that your server doesn't have RB jewels you know what the end result will be ? Dominator kills all cause +30 seals will land almost everytime . Imagine how many complaints there will be cause of debuffs like seal of suspension , fear , silence , doom curse and anchor .