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  1. Hi I WANT TO SELL ITEMS ON L2Destiny: -Skull Carnium Bow +7+focus lvl 7 -Vorpal Light Set +6+4 full lvl 7 -Vesper Bow+8 lvl 4 -Vesper Slasher +7+focus lvl 4 -Vesper Caster+6+acumen lvl 7 -Hero Cloak White Pm me in skype: Yah1koo
  2. WTS CHAR/ITEMS L2Rise wts full sws vesper shaper haste+gale +8(lvl7) (pvp p atk as augu) {pvp} vesper bow +7 focus(lvl7) (pvp p atk as augu) vorpal hvy set +6 full atr lvl 7 {pvp} foundation moirair hvy set +6(1 part +7) lvl 7 atr vorpal necklace +8 vorpal ring +4 vesper earning +7 Blessed Freya +6 Heroic Cloak i can sell full acc or items on acc there is some augments for oly (active m def, celestial, active focus, refresh, active pvp p atk) add on skype: yah1koo
  3. hello, korozon i have some question for u ;D about l2java faction (odezwij sie do mnie na gadu 33608370 jesli mozesz, z gory dzieki :) )
  4. Hi all im new here but i hope i'll have some nice fun here ^^
  5. u know that for 100%? coz i see some ppl have 2 cats or smth like that :)