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  1. i can't install the interface, i get critical error, anybody know the reason? Before i used to have that
  2. Hi guys I see a lot of people using a new interface on h5 that looks good. for example: when a player will use maximum clarity, under his name you will see a bar that shows for how long that player will have maximum clarity. Also you have a counter that shows the damage you did to your opponent and how much you got from him. Unfortunately i don't have a screen shot to show you what i mean but most of the streamers are using that interface. Would be great if you have any idea on how i can get it. Best regards.
  3. Hi I would like a help about installing/setup a lan server to my pc and just play there and explore the l2 h5.. I'm trying to do it via youtube videos, but i always get a problem and i can't continue,propably because the files i download are wrong or i'm doing something wrong.If you have some free time help me Thank you