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  1. [Hidden post: You need 15 posts or become a Donator or Platinum Member to see it. You currently have 29.] wtf ? I need 15 but i have more than 15 and i cant see it....
  2. Valinor <- The best :) On saturday we will be have Gracia Part II :)
  3. Hi guys, nice 2 be here with u. I love write on forums ;P Michael
  4. yes, this site is very usefull, i have it in favorites
  5. for cp potions im using program AutoHotkey, but thx for this script
  6. I need a program with i can in 1 sec buy for expample 50x 200 soulshots, did anyone can help me ? sry for my english.
  7. who knows program where i can buy multi items, for example in 1 sec buy 50x 200 soulshots ? i need it , help me pls
  8. wow it works xD hahahaha im flying :D