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  1. Nice server.. it's a pity that you can only farm stuff doing Raid bosses... so you can't play yourself.. you'll always need a clan with you.. And that's kinda boring... I left server because I can't play solo in this server.. if something will change I'll be back
  2. Perfect thank you.. I will try to do that
  3. Hello guys.. I started playing today in L2Gosu and it's strange because I have damage written in the middle of the screen and can't target well enemys/mobs on that line.. Is there a way to change system files so that I can play server put without all this custom updates of damage?? Thank you in advance.
  4. Excuse me but you didn't specify anything about Olympiads.. I'm trying the server and I would like to have a clean system of the server (because the actual one is really heavy graphics with damage written in blue in the center of the screen and can't target mobs). How can I change this? I don't want damage in red from mobs and my damage in blue..
  5. You are playing on L2Eliot, right? I've already seen this error, but couldn't fix it.. Does anybody have the solution to this??
  6. I was trying to use this for the new server L2Eliot that opened today.. And I have a error message (like protection from Server) that sends me to a webpage telling me that I can't use Interface. How is this?
  7. I've seen it.. but it really looks complicated using it. Not so user Friendly Any other alternatives?
  8. Hi Everybody, I was wondering if there is a Interface that permits to auto Farm inside the game.. For Example I would like to Toggle 2 skills and auto target mobs to kill them.. I'm actually playing on L2Lionna High Five.. but I'm interested on this for Interlude too. Many many years ago I had a program like this that worked on every Interlude.. I was thinking if you can advice me a program like this. Thanks in advance!
  9. Those it work for every Interlude Server??
  10. L2 Lionna is a High Five Client... I think this only works for Interlude
  11. I tried to create a Macro and I did the right click on it but it didn't toggle the skill.. so was not working. Also didn't have any text inside the interface.. only empty buttons. I dragged the files correctly on each folder of my L2 Client
  12. I tried it but it's not working properly.. actually looking for a Auto Skill activate interface and target mob to auto farm.. On server L2Lionna
  13. I'm looking for this too.. a good Interface for High Five! UP Please
  14. All links are not working.. Can you upload it somewhere?? Does it work for L2Lionna?