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  1. compiled a new effect, but lineage 2 crashed it. Without adding this option, everything is fine #exec MESH SEQUENCE MESH=SF_phoenix SEQ=SF_phoenix STARTFRAME=0 NUMFRAMES=71 full code: https://pastebin.com/JEJqJ5Bt when i open animation in UE he Worked. but when i open L2.exe his crashed.
  2. Oh thank you very much 🙂
  3. Да это понятно, что через компилятор ее в пакет нужно, спасибо большое, я хотел узнать, какой формат должен быть на выходе из 3ds max, для импорта в анреал.
  4. I unpacked LineageEffectMeshes from the animations folder, I have them in .3d format - I opened them in MilkShape 3d and saved them. Then imported into 3ds max, how can I pack them again?
  5. Ok, thank you, if i added classes in LineageEffects, he was works? Only another .u file effects doesn’t work?
  6. Thank you, but how I can add effects on hats/ accessories? What’s .dat is responsible for directing effects in the armor?
  7. decided to adapt the new effects of the Cloaks (wings) from the new chronicles on HF 5, compiled the .u package, added lines to the additionaleffect.dat, but there was no result. 21718 - FRINTEZZA CLOAK - ADDED EFFECT IN THIS CLOAK but when i add this effect in npcgrp - on agathion and summon him effect work how i can added effect on armor/ accessories?