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  1. Hello I sell 60 lvl sps on reborn. only some mats and jewells on him price is 30 euros we can transfer this char from my account into your account with 5 euros on l2reborn site ofc i accept middleman service if you want pm me asap :) ( ATM e-mail change or char transfer is NOT AVAILABLE in L2 reborn , so I can sell CHEAPER with NO EMAIL )
  2. L2 exilium SPS Mardil+20 lvl 7 water [PVP] wild magic passive active wild magic on OLY weapon elegia robe lvl 7 [PVP] +20 set, sigil +20 ALL raid boss jewells +20 (antharas , bl.zaken, valakas, bl. freya, AQ , baium , beleth , frintezza ) belt of defense+20 OLF's T-shirt +10 Zariche Cloak 2 x Cosmetic SKINS Sauron's Helmet accessory 95% of skills +30 PLUS mardil+20 lvl 7 water, elegia robe set+16 lvl 7,hellblade+20, belt of pvp skill attack +15 OFFER ME GOOD PRICE :)
  3. instant delivery, kind guy. everything went fine.
  4. EUNE account level 227, created in season 8. all seasons gold (s8,s9,s10) champions 112/152 52 skins owned : 2 ultimate , 6 legendary , 31 epic , 5 legacy 21 chromas ( 3 rare chromas ) 40 emotes 104 icons 9 ward skins almost all skins are new and cool ;) I want to sell fast but offer me reasonable price and we can negotiate