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  1. Thank you very much for your time and explanation (even though I'm still baffled). Tryskel, since you are experienced in this subject, would you share a source with tutorials for beginners by your judgment? If it's beyond your time schedule to do so, it's okay, I will solely continue my research. Thanks again and thanks in advance.
  2. Hello everybody. I'm using the latest free acis source. How can I insert a script on my server? e.g this the offline trader from SweetS share. Where do i put the code? How do I install it in my server? Also, the name and droplist of monsters cannot be altered. XML npc modified and saved, reloaded but still it just won't change. I have several questions, if anyone is willing to invest some of their time in assisting a newbie it would be much appreciated. PS: I've searched on this forum but it seems I'm very inexperienced to understand virtually anything.
  3. Hello everybody! I have returned in this community after 11 years. Lineage2 was part of my life in my early teens. My sole goal is to finally invest some of my hard earned adult money into fulfilling one of my many ambitions, silly for some but important for me. I always desired to make a unique lineage2 server from scratch. One of the many difficulties in achieving such a goal is that I'm a complete newbie. Any mentoring or fast advising and important by your judgment topics/guides/shares suggestions are most welcome! General e.g how to import scripts. (add a weapon, ready scripts such as npcs with pvp and pk information) how to make basic client modifications. (import custom armors, npcs, weapons, locations and even data from later chronicles) how to twitch parameters (such as; max lvl rates, quests etcetera) how to make server online, and so on. Please, take notice that I have used the search engine of this website and most of the threads have broken links or are not related with my inquiries (maybe it's my lack of understanding ideology). That's all! Feels good being back.
  4. Nice interface and even nicer exposure. Thanks for your share.