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  1. Hello! I'm selling clean NCSOFT game accounts that can be used for the following games: 1) Lineage II 2) Guild Wars & Guild Wars 2 3) Aion 4) Blade and Soul 5) Fuser The accounts come with full email access, so you can either use the accounts for pure botting purposes or as legitimate accounts. It'll save you the hassle and time of registering the accounts yourself. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! Contact: DIscord: FrickVape#5059
  2. Nice to meet you Glor! I hope you, in fact, have a wonderful and a fantastic time here!
  3. Welcome to MTV Cribs... oops I meant MaxCheaters Crib! (excuse the pun)
  4. Yep, as said above, welcome back! If you need any guidance or help, don't be afraid to post a topic or message us!
  5. Hello there and welcome! And for sure, what do you need help with?
  6. Make sure you read the rules. There's a requirement of 10 posts.
  7. Hey there. You can also submit a scammer report, so you can notify the entire community where we all can keep our heads up! Stay safe out there.
  8. yep there's rules now, so make sure you read about them first.
  9. Hi, I was wondering if people buy newly registered lineage II accounts to bot on? Or do they just create it themselves...? Thanks.