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  1. This seems a really good honest well run server. Tried beta and the files are really nice, great to see a server that is actually retail (need to do class quest, cannot be bought via donation or adena, no auto loot or auto skills). Donations are fair (no exp runes, death certificates like that) with just a 10% VIP account, 255 recs, name colours or hats as well. Best of luck guys, x3 rates should set you up for a good long term server and the community is really nice.
  2. This is why you shouldn't get drunk or stoned and then post server features on a gaming forum! So server isn't going live then clearly. Your forum also only has 57 members, would love to see a screenshot of your beta with those 1700 people who clearly did lots of testing with those numbers.
  3. I feel the issue is there is no "middle ground" between players now playing this game. You either go all in with a complete CP, perfect plan and rush then quit within weeks, or it's a casual player who prefer the pve side of the game (ain't nothing wrong with that). These players don't mix well on a server sadly, it always ends up in flames and drama and one side quitting for the next server because of "lack of competition". Back during the days of Paradise/Abyss/L2Extreme etc. we had a good mix of all types of players but more importantly almost nobody quit on the first failed epic/siege/mass PVP or moan "dead server" because they weren't challenged on the first Baium then go to the next server to repeat the process again. Another massive issue are clans who only play on a server if they get paid to do so. Remember this was a subscription game where you had to pay to play originally! This is a real disease on the community since it splits a large amount of good players and again leads to the lack of competition on servers! Let's be honest, people who treat this game as esports/competitive gaming are on the wrong game all together with ego issues. They should take the commitment and crazy hours they put in on a game where you can actually earn a living from like Dota or Fortnite. This is a video game, like it or not and should be played only for fun, not as a way of life. Players also have grown up (I started playing on Teon as a spotty single teenager, I'm now married with 2 kids!) and (mainly falsely) try to recapture those first ever moments on the game when everything was fresh and new and we all had time to dedicate to the game. That will never happen again sadly. Lastly as mentioned a lot on this thread server owners and the fact that anybody can make a server nowadays without any sort of programming knowledge drives the quality of servers down. Dont even get me started on servers wiping just to get fresh players and donations in on their €15 a month hosted server (oh sorry I meant seasons, silly me!). It seems the only "plausible servers" right now either only last a year at the very most or have non stop changes so the server you joined is nothing like the one advertised but all do run for profit (which is understandable but is the wrong way to run a server in my eyes). I guess the last decent server was L2Dawn but even that couldn't escape a corrupt admin a few years down the line. It's a shame since there is a player base for this game across the world so it's wrong to call it dead, just it's so splintered and broken across tons of poor homebrew, forever wiping/changing and "pay us to play" servers that if a decent server was to made that is truly fair, not for profit and working as intended, it will probably never get the population it deserves. Wouldn't it be great to go back 10 years ago, sadly we cannot and maybe it's best just to move on with our lives now? Bit of a rant so thanks for reading all if you did!
  4. So on topsites server should have launched yesterday and it didn't. Checked the news and it was delayed by 24 hours and should have launched today. It didn't. Now timer is showing launch on 13th May yet all forums have been down for a few days. 1800 on beta apparently? Server is different and interesting but if it's going to be run like the rest of Lifedrains servers will we get wipes every month again? Stop with the lies and fake online and just be honest for once!
  5. Happy to announce our growth continues, now averaging about 100 players on during the day, raising up to 170 during peak times (we don't do fake counters or players here!). If you are in search of a server where bugs are actually fixed, active admins and do our best to offer the fairest game play, come and join! We are continuously working to make it better, implementing an exp off function as requested by our community!
  6. Are you tired of only getting a month or two from your Lineage 2 server before it closes down? Worried that all your time and effort you put into the game gets lost? Do you long for a server who doesn't offer VIP and boosted rates for donators, not even allowing for the coins to be traded so adena has value and donators do not have massive advantages? Is now the time to tell you this server will be on for a minimum of 2 years and launched on 24th April 2020? A server with flat rates, no GMshop or ever changing features after launch? I think its time you check out then! RATES Experience (EXP) - 7x Skill Points (SP) - 7x Adena - 7x Drop Items - 7x Quest Experience (EXP) - 3x Quest Skill Points (SP) - 3x Quest Adena - 2x Quest Items Drop - 2x Spoil - 7x Manor - 7x The first class change is FREE, second class change costs 1kk per mark, can be donated for or the quest can be done to save your hard earned 3kk. Third class is retail. Subclass quests aren't needed here, we want as many as possible to reach end game for those sweet sieges and olympiad without having to wait days on end for generic raids and to tickle Baiums toe (strange fetish that NCsoft). The server has done away with the Newbie buffer, in its place is a basic buffer offering both fighter and mage buffs. Don't think you can be done without buffers however, this buffer will only offer you up to level 2 basic buffs for 20 mins, song and dances have been upped to 3 minutes to promote their use more and the rest of the buffs are retail. You can also purchase NG and D grade shadow weapons and armour from our NPCs for 1000 adena each, instead of having coupons and a cat giving you weapons (dogs are better anyway). Noblesse can be done two ways, either via the retail quest or via an alternative method you can find more about on either the website or forums. We have both an autoloot and auto-learn skills here, it is 2020 after all and our hands and knees are tired from years of picking up loot and running to class trainers. We also allow all levels and characters to have an offline shop no matter where they are or who they are, we care for the environment as much as you do! The start was quite a low-key affair but we are now pushing out the word on this amazing Lineage 2 Interlude server, since the opening day we have started to hit triple figures during prime time which is a 300% increase in player numbers and this will continue to keep growing! So, what are you waiting for? See you out on the battleground!
  7. I just want to jazz this up a bit as this could be the start of a great project. Going to tell you the reasons why I personally believe it to be the case and why you should consider playing here.1) NO DONATIONS. Nothing, nada, niente. I have challenged them on this as they are not even allowing donations for hats (what I will go into more details later) or any sort of VIP accounts. The admin team are running this for the community and are happy not to receive anything in return as long as they are providing a solid Interlude server. Expect this server to last long into the future.2) Discord is the place to go for all things on the server. The website is basic and the forum an afterthought, they have live webhooks and stats going into their discord channel ( so that is the place to be.3) Voting earns you festival adena (FA), which can be used to purchase hats and premium accounts (gives an extra 30% on top of your rates). That means its available for everyone and not behind a paywall. You can also earn FA from all raidbosses in game, as well as new special quests that are currently under construction, keeping the server as fair as possible.4) Progressive buffer for all. Depending on your level, you will get certain buffs from the NPC buffer to help with your journey through Elmoreden. These are 40 minutes long (think of it as an "enhanced" newbie buffer). This is available for all up to level 40 for free then up to 75 you need to spend FA to use them. From 3rd class onwards you need a buffer. All buffs from players (buffs, 3rd, songs, dances, summons etc...) are retail times and you have a maximum of 2 boxes allowed (main+2 buffers) so people will still need to play these classes.5) No mana potions and books are still needed to learn skills, yet skills are "auto learn". Books are always a good way to make money in game, yet people are tired of having to learn new skills all the time. On Rarity, you need to learn the skill once and after that it is automatically leveled for you. Best of both worlds.6) What you see if what you get. You won't have continuous game-play changes and polls to alter stuff here once the server is launched.7) First and second class quests are either bought with FA or you do the quest. No donating and same access for all.8 ) No subclass quest. Wait, you really want to camp outside of Baium for days on end in 2020 still just to tickle his toes with a little old dagger? We have been there and done that before, we all know the real fun is during olympiad, sieges and epic fights. Why make that harder to achieve?9) Weekend boosts no matter where you are! Yes we might almost all be home in 2020 (and massive kudos to those having to work still in these conditions, you are the real heroes of this world!), but having to be logged on in a specific area at a specific time just so admins can take some screenshots to make it look so much more busier than it is is so cliche! Every weekend, rates are boosted by 33% so when people can put the hours in, they get more reward for it.10) A gmshop exists with shadow weapons (same as in NPC shops already) and hats for FA only. Nothing else hidden or in the "shadows". You want a homuk, you either craft it or visit good old BoM.I hope people will give this server a chance, all that it is missing is people. If you want a fair, honest and hardworking server for the community (lets be honest, we haven't had one of those since Dawn), join here.Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, stay safe and see you in game!