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  1. The best thing you can do is take the mods you like and try to put them in an easier code for a newbie such as l2jserver ....
  2. That is very good to learn, but I tell you to learn try to learn in another type of code easier and then you mess with it. anyway to fix this code you will need many months to learn.
  3. That is not learned overnight, to learn there are other things, or that or spend a lot of money to put it right. it's not amateur code
  4. You have little knowledge to touch this project, this project has many failures that you will not know how to repair.
  5. scammer permanently throw him out of the community
  6. this put in the other post, is a scammer deserves a ban that can not access this community anymore
  7. Is a scammer I teach you conversions and paypal transfer? why do i also delete the private conversation by pm? you will be his friend
  8. It is a good package to use the base and fix everything with Java knowledge
  9. It is not a package to use on a public server, privately at home is fine, the only way to go well and make a public server is to be a good programmer and arrange all things. people who don't know about java stop
  10. are this liar that I delete until the conversations by pm, that an administrator checks
  11. If you want, we can teach your conversation and also the paypal ticket that they paid you? try not to fool people you're a scammer
  12. a friend bought him a character via paypal and then disappeared blocking him on skype