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  1. As i already said in my previous post, we wont answer or make a conversation with people who troll and make rude and biased comments, trash talking a new Server Project for no obvious reason. After all, both the seriousness of our project and the amount of approval we already have from the community (170 Game Accounts, 800 visits daily as average number to our site, 30 Discord members to our Discord Server are more than satisfying numbers for a server who is still in testing phase in our opinion), are enough to show the truth. I wonder tho, if allowing a couple of people (or a certain individual with alt accounts) go around the forum and troll, trash talk and make rude and biased comments about new Server Projects, helps this Forum, and if adds to its reliability, or if it seriously wounds it. If the Moderators and the Admins of this Forum show tolerance in such behaviors, like the behavior AchYlek and his self proclaimed attorney shows is a high chance that this site will turn to a trolling arena, where clueless people will go around, blaming, trolling and trash talking. Will also encourage an internet war, where anyone will be able go and accuse an antagonistic project with false facts. And that for sure wont help the forum, neither anyone who will create a new Server Project. Saying that i will leave to the judgement of Forum Admins and Mods, if such behavior should face tolerance or punishment.
  2. Good evening. Even if every person is entitled to an opinion, you included, allow me to say that generalizing your opinion and speak like your opinion is the opinion of a majority, usually is not something wise. From your post i can judge that you obviously dont care for our project, but i can assure you that other people do care. L2Archage as a Server and as a "Brand" as you called it, is a new project under testing period still. According to our standards and expectations, the project already has a big amount of aproval among the community. 170 Accounts and an average of 800 daily visitors on our forum as far is a good sign for a Server which is still in Testing Phase dont you think? Of course there is a chance that your arrogance towads our projects comes from the fact that you already was a Staff Member of other similar projects who had bigger amount of attention in their testing period, but i highly suspect thats not the case. I could guess that you just made a biased post motivated mostly from a friendship you have with AchYlek, the person we report, and that you trying to troll. Still allow me to inform you that as a project we dont have what you called an "ego". We have confidence which is a totally different thing.And our confidence comes from the amount of highly skilled qualified Technical staff we have in our Team, and from the amount of the highly experienced staff we have in our Moderators Team. Of course as i already said, you are entitled to believe the speed rate of our datapack fixes is "pathetic" , but we are also entitled to believe your opinion is biased and you try to troll. In any case, we hope you did a much better job in the previous projects you worked on. Unless you didnt worked in any, you are clueless about the subject you speaking about and you just troll and try create impressions. Due to that, i inform you that with this reply, we believe our conversation is done, since we dont have a habit doing conversations with trolls, and we neither find it productive.
  3. As a Head GM for L2Archage i have to point out that what nightwolf said is true. He has nothing to do with server development. He helps us with side works like forum, protection and security. AchYlek seems to just troll around the forums, spreading fake news and make biased comments against people (our server included). Is not the first time he did something like that, and allow him to do such things is a threat for forum's quality.
  4. First of all , i want to thank you for your comment. As L2Archage , we appreciate any kind of feedback people gives to us , since we are still under Testing Period. I should mention tho , that critisism (a thing we always welcome since we believe it helps us to become better) to be productive requires solid points. I highly doubt if posting a screen shot with someone asking a technician about in game features can help us imrove or help the community get a clear idea about our server. L2Archage Developing Staff consists of a considerable number of individuals , each specialized to their field. For in game features the best idea is to ask one of our GMs in game , on Discord , or even post to our Forum (we reply fast). To answer the main question of sEtEki , L2Archage will include combined buffs (Improve Combat / Chant of Critical etc). And to answer your main question we do know basic and even non-basic and detailed things about Hi5 and Lineage 2 in general. We welcome you try L2Archage either now on our Testing Period , or after the Grand Opening.
  5. A very interesting project , aiming to offer the best sides of Lineage 2 PvP. An interesting FvF environment focused in competition. The staff team includes very experienced people and some well known Lineage 2 Official Servers players. Definitely worths a try and i can assure you you wont regret it