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  1. First of all , i want to thank you for your comment. As L2Archage , we appreciate any kind of feedback people gives to us , since we are still under Testing Period. I should mention tho , that critisism (a thing we always welcome since we believe it helps us to become better) to be productive requires solid points. I highly doubt if posting a screen shot with someone asking a technician about in game features can help us imrove or help the community get a clear idea about our server. L2Archage Developing Staff consists of a considerable number of individuals , each specialized to their field. For in game features the best idea is to ask one of our GMs in game , on Discord , or even post to our Forum (we reply fast). To answer the main question of sEtEki , L2Archage will include combined buffs (Improve Combat / Chant of Critical etc). And to answer your main question we do know basic and even non-basic and detailed things about Hi5 and Lineage 2 in general. We welcome you try L2Archage either now on our Testing Period , or after the Grand Opening.
  2. A very interesting project , aiming to offer the best sides of Lineage 2 PvP. An interesting FvF environment focused in competition. The staff team includes very experienced people and some well known Lineage 2 Official Servers players. Definitely worths a try and i can assure you you wont regret it