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  1. What's wrong with Singleton? I personally would suggest you to instantiate an enum instead of what you did there public enum yourClass { INSTANCE; yourClass() { // constructor } } then, yourClass.INSTANCE is enough
  2. its because you missing the item handler as i told you the item handler will launch the skill (deluxe key)
  3. replace again the line with the one i updated. About the item handler just see arround the other handlers how they are working and do your own. As i can see "l2r" sources, ive never work on those before
  4. about the code you posted above you have only to edit 3 lines and define the skill id. private static final int ATTACK_SPAWN_TIME = 5000; private static final int PLAYER_LEVEL_THRESHOLD = 78; private static final int MAESTROS_KEY_SKILL_ID = 22271; + private static final int SKILL_DELUXE_KEY = 2229; else { npc.getVariables().set("MAX_LEVEL_DIFFERENCE", 5); } - if (npc.getVariables().getInt("MAESTRO_SKILL_USED") == 0) + if (npc.getVariables().getInt("MAESTRO_SKILL_USED") == 0 || npc.getVariables().getInt("DELUXE_KEY") == 0) { - if ((skill != null) && (skill.getId() == MAESTROS_KEY_SKILL_ID)) + if (skill != null && (skill.getId() == MAESTROS_KEY_SKILL_ID || skill.getId() == SKILL_DELUXE_KEY)) { - npc.getVariables().set("MAESTRO_SKILL_USED", 1); + npc.getVariables().set(skill.getId() == MAESTROS_KEY_SKILL_ID ? "MAESTRO_SKILL_USED" : "DELUXE_KEY" , 1); Take care about chances. if you want different chance on deluxe key you have to edit more things now about the item handler part, you have to create it by your own. you didnt even mention your sources name.
  5. Usually deluxe keys have item skill 2229 which is Treasure Chest Key skill. You need an item handler (if you dont have) to catch the item while in this handler you will add all the conditions like target instanceof TreasureChest etc... and then use the skill. In your code you just have to add one more 'if' to check the skill id and add your chances
  6. Not sure what is this but, considering to that name i think somewhere should be located all the opcodes of the packets that have to send in server side. so MoveForward have an opcode. (Client side is not l2.ini. do a deep search :P) And again, a client dev can help you more than us.
  7. I'm not into client things . You could create a topic in client section in order to get all the things you need from people who are working on client. About the nick, depends where you want to get the name. If for example you want just to send a message in player when he enter in the world, you have to code in EnterWorld.java . There you can see from other lines that already exists a variable that control the player . for example in my sources this variable is called 'player'. So the only thing you have to code is -> player.sendMessage("hi");. 'player' could be named as activeChar or 'client'. Then, since you got the 'player' instance, you can get the name from the methods of this class. Usually the method is getName() but idk what you are using. so -> player.getName(); should return the name of the player.
  8. Its definitely client thing. you should handle both mouse actions . When the keys pressed together, you should send the action to server and if one of them will release then stop the action . Edit: You can take a look how the 'arrows' are working
  9. 1) not sure what you need. By instance you mean the class? 2) you can only get the location where the player wants to go. not the mouse click action itself. 3) maybe , its clearly client thing You should define what you want to do . Maybe there are other ways to do them