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  1. And who are you? This guy does not asking for help. He just want a ready code. When he gets what he wants, a new thread will open for another one. L2j Dev rank ,off,gmods etc is not here to give ready solutions for guys who are not even try, but is here to HELP ppl . Help != ready code (except some cases). In the other hand, If anyone who cannot create something by their own , come here and open a thread to get what they want, freelancers will dissapear. His attitute wasn't offensive (fuck the rank) , he just said what he felt about this person . He do have the right, right? Edit. I'm justified -> Posted 10 minutes ago If you have the knowledge for atleast the basics . Can you please tell me what can someone say to him, in order to understand how this thing could be done? NO! he just want it ready to create another topic. No you are not. You had 4 projects in the past , while you were asking for help for every idea that came to your mind. Also, you asked help for config TWICE. search at your activity.... If you really want to learn, get out of here. stackoverflow,google is your best friend. You cant read english? Pay a guy (not even from here) to teach you the basics like what variable is. By: Asking for help, Get what you want, Implement, Is working, New idea for help, and so on. You wont learn anything dude. accept it.
  2. Yeah that was actually the main goal... I saw this post and i tried to create a code that will bring as result the Draconic Bow even if you search for "wob cinocard" the reverse of Draconic Bow... :P
  3. if the search word is 'aden' and we have items Adena, Ancient Adena the code will search if 'a','d','e','n' is inside of Adena which is true, AA is also contains all these letters. I cant really get what are you trying to do , but for sure something is broken as you tested in l2. i used it at workspace
  4. What problems do you faced with this code? Huge name isn't problem since it is looping the whole char array one by one
  5. Alright Mr smart guy. i wont answer to you anymore since im not even working on l2 anymore... i just rly wanna see what @Tryskell have to say about your thoughts
  6. What a brain. You came here to judge interlude users/devs? rly nigga? in a share about interlude Server Side? rly nigga? I could say the exact same thing about lineage 2 client devs. What's up?
  7. This is > interlude client.... and if not, requires client modification.. so? ....
  8. I think you didnt even test this code... isnt working at all. Here is one that could work. package test; import java.util.Arrays; import; public class workspace { public static void main(String[] args) { final String[] items = new String[] { "Draconic Bow", "Draconic Bow - Focus", "Arcana Mace", "Arcana Mace - Acumen" }; final String search = "drac bo"; Arrays.asList(items).stream().filter(names -> matches(names.toLowerCase(), search.toLowerCase())).collect(Collectors.toList()).forEach(System.out::println); } public static boolean matches(String string1, String string2) { for (char c : string2.toCharArray()) if (string1.indexOf(c) == -1) return false; return true; } } and if you need extra debug mode... take the lines you need and create it
  9. I just dont get what the hell are you talking about... The fact that you are a 'dev' and 'working' on a customer's project while this customer saying that the project have bugs, should make you happy because you will fix them and get paid well. 3 possible reasons about your reaction: 1) You are trying to create your own acis server which is 360 rev with tons of customs and important things are missing (Since you havent the last changesets) and crying for that missing stuff. OR 2) You dont know how to fix those bugs that your customer reported (probably) to you. OR 3) You wasted like 5 days to fix something and you broke something else and ASAGDSHGAWEPRGio.....
  10. Well, i didnt though that it will take a new line... Im pretty sure it will if the pages are 20 for example. Im not the smart guy, im trying to give you some hints. Your html is huge as you can see. You dont have to add more and more useless things.
  11. You know better... My opinion is that is completely useless... You are adding more html code for something that is useless... (Ok, except if your mobs have tons of drops and players are boring to click 10 times the arrow). An alternative way, is to make the numbers appearing with max values... Ex if you are in 5th page, should be appearing 4,5,6. I still believe that your way is not good at all . For html design and coding too.
  12. What will happen if the droplist is huge? the numbers will take place in the next line and the next one?
  13. Your paging system should be changed . (delete numbers and keep only the arrows)