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  1. Does any1 know how to edit user.ini to have black sky and wallhack at once?
  2. I am looking for file that would change male/female Kamael wings from normal color to black like it is in l2scryde.ru https://imgur.com/a/0CBaZEG
  3. Could some1 tell me which file should i edit to change textures of floor/shops(inside)/church in Dion plx ? I want to change them to green texture. Thx
  4. Yes, i want to make intro for cp, if you can share me green screen room I will be grateful :3
  5. Could some1 send here file with pure green texture of wall/floor ? Or just explain me how to do this ?
  6. @cadanj how can i open this Interface.u with this program ;/
  7. @@cadanj yes but check the pener message and what to do there
  8. @cadanj yes, but i bought this interface before he posted it for free so i want to know how to delete it :3 if u can tell me