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  1. We will present you some of our important features INNOVATIVE CUSTOM GAMEPLAY REMOVED SPOIL REMOVED CRAFT (added custom craft system by NPC) NEW CUSTOM QUESTS EPIC RAID BOSS QUESTS During your journey you will collect 2 type of Blood Stones: Blood Stones (tradeble) - This type of stone can be used for aquire equipment and various goods, it can be traded, dropped, selled or stored in warehouse. You can collect Blood Stones (tradeble) from open world monsters and raid bosses Bloody Souls (non-tradeble) - This type of stone can be used for choose the specific Augment Skill you want on your weapon Augment your weapon directly via Blood Pool System will cost you 25000 Bloody Souls (non-tradeble) WARMING! Bloody Souls (non-tradeble) can be lost during PvP and PK Killing a flagged player(winning a pvp battle), you will steal 3% of your enemy's Bloody Souls (non-tradeble) Killing a innocent player (pk a player), you will steal 6% of his Bloody Soulds (non-tradeble), but be carefull, it is not very easy to lose your karma, and if you get killed, the player who defeat you will steal 25% of your Bloody Souls (non-tradeble) Killing a PK player (a players marked with karma), you will steal 25% of your enemy's Bloody Souls (non-tradeble) Fighting inside Special zones for PvP, you will earn(not steal) 1 Fame Point per enemy killed and still steal 3% of your enemy total amount Blood Stones (non-tradeble) will be needed to enter and fight inside our party instance which will be avaibile every 24 hours ARMOR ENCHANT BONUS ON: + 6 / +7 / +8 / +9 / +10 When enchant full armor set, player will recive aditional bonus +6 bonus [ reveal in game ] +7 bonus [ reveal in game ] +8 bonus [ reveal in game ] +9 bonus [ reveal in game ] +10 bonus [ reveal in game ] NEW BONUS WILL NOT UNBALANCE THE GAME EXP/SP: x100 Adena: x30 Drop: x15 Spoil: x15 Seal Stones Drop: x10 Everything in GM SHOP for Adena Armory / Weaponary / Jewelry untill B grade for Adena Autoloot from Monsters: ON Autoloot from Raid Boss: OFF Autoloot from Grand Boss: OFF Autolearn Skills: ON Subclass Quest Free Caradine's Letter (lv. 65) in shop Weight limit x10 NPC Buffer with all buffs avaibile 26 + 4 Buff Slots ( total of 30 ) 6 Debuff Slots Win kill in TVT = reward = 1 Medal oh Honor Win TVT event = reward = 10 Medal oh Honor TVT TOP KIller Reward = 10 Medal oh Honor Win kill in Deathmatch = reward = 1 Medal oh Honor Win Deathmatch event = reward = 30 Medal oh Honor Special NPC where you can trade all Medals of Honor you have aquaried Blazing Swamp (lv. 60-75) Loot: 3x Blood Stones / 3x Bloody Souls / Adena (retail) Varka (lv. 78-80) Loot: 6x Blood Stones / 6x Bloody Souls / Adena (retail) EWS / EAS / EWA / EAA / Ancient Varka Totems / S-Grade Jewels / S-Grade Weapons Ketra (lv. 78-80) Loot: 6x Blood Stones / 6x Bloody Souls / Adena (retail) EWS / EAS / EWA / EAA / Ancient Ketra Totems / S-Grade Armors / S-Grade Weapons The Giant's Cave (lv.78-80) Loot: Blood Stones x8 / Bloody Souls x8 / Adena (custom) / Ancient Giant Totems Low/Mid/High LS / Normal Enchant Scrolls / Mini Raid Loot: Top LS (5%) S-Grade Armors / S-Grade Jewels / S-Grade Weapons Blessed Enchant Scrolls (spoil) Ancient Giant Pergaments / Ancient Giant Bones / Ancient Giant Scrolls Special Pirate Fruit A-Grade Armory Box 70% A-Grade Jewelry Box 70% A-Grade Weaponary Box 70% S-Grade Armory Box 70% S-Grade Jewelry Box 70% S-Grade Weaponary Box 70% EWS/EAS Lucky Box 30% EWA/EAA Lucky Box 30% Lifestone Lucky Box 20% Blood Stone Gamble Box 50% (reward x2) Blood Stone Gamble Box 25% (reward x4) Blood Stone Gamble Box 10% (reward x8) Armory/Jewelry Normal Scroll 60% chance Armory/Jewelry Blessed Scroll 65% chance Weaponary Normal Scroll 65% chance Weaponary Blessed Scroll 70% chance Crystal Scroll: DISABLED Armory/Jewelry Max Enchant (unlimited) Weaponary Max Enchant (unlimited) Obtain Normal and Blessed Scroll by farming/raiding/events Low LS Chance 5% / Mid LS Chance 10% High LS Chance 15% / Top LS Chance 20% You can have 1 Active and 1 Passive Augment All skills will be recharge before enter a new olympiad match New heroes every WEEK All Items will be counted as +6 If your items +16 they will have +6 power durring olympiad battle Hero skills will be avaibile only on Main Class Olympiad Games start everyday at: 18:00 GMT+2 and end at 00:00 GMT+2 Require 5 registred players to start battle. Now you can change your chracter appearence from our menu You have to type .menu command and you will have [armor skin] There you will have 21 different armor skins appearences All Raid Boss level 50 and above: DROP CATEGORY - Removed (now you can loot all items from Raid Boss droplist) Chance increased x5 All Raid Boss level 70 and above: 1x Blessed Enchant Weapon S ( 40% chance ) 2x Blessed Enchant Armor S ( 40% chance ) 1x Blessed Enchant Weapon A ( 50% chance ) 2x Blessed Enchant Armor A ( 50% chance ) 1x Top-Grade Life Stone ( 50% chance ) 2x High Grade Life Stone ( 50% chance ) 550 - 821 Blood Stones 550 - 821 Bloody Souls The Giant's Cave Raids have 3% chance of drop Premium Rune Core ( level 75 / added same drops as Frintezza ) Orfen ( level 75 / added same drops as Frintezza ) Queen Ant ( level 75 / added same drops as Frintezza ) Zaken ( level 75 / added same drops as Frintezza ) Baium ( retail ) Antharas ( retail ) Valakas ( retail ) Frintezza ( retail ) Sailren ( retail ) STACK-SUBCLASS FEATURE FROM SERVER #2 First of all we will explain you what is about stack-subclass system: You can combine 2 classes from the same race, find your best class combination and dominate For get subclass you will need to camp one of our 8 Raid Bosses which have 12 hours respawn time Once you kill a Raid Boss he will drop "Raid Hearth" -> item needed to complette stack-subclass quest WEBSITE: http://www.lineage2-teon.com/