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  1. Some screenshoots from game first look
  2. Now you can upgrade your epic boss jewelry
  3. can someone find out why this website template not work?
  4. If u want arrange it for everyone and edit the topic with the new uploaded working site :)
  5. have skype? i can show you the problem on skypecall share screen or teamviwer
  6. I only download from the link you shared if you open it simply from folder with internet explorer and mozile show OK with google chrome and opera show BAD if you upload it to host it show BAD If you can make a tutorial how you put it online to a host and show it is really working i would appreciate
  7. i also try rename it to index.htm and same and i did as you said and show bad I have to edit something?
  8. I add all files in filezila in public html and when i load website it show white page with text buttons and some images
  9. also checked and not work, i put it online and i see white image with some photos
  10. Soon update on stack subclass server: Set maximum level to 85 Open Giants Cave with monsters level 80 - 84 Add dynasty items craft -> transform S weapons into dynasty farm materials in Giants Cave to craft dynasty armor and jewels