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  1. Beware, scammer! Profile: Discord name: n0rb3rt#6730 Here we are, talking about the deal on MXC and agree to move to Discord: Here's him joining the server that I linked above: Here's us discussing the trade, that we postponed to today because he didn't reply: And here's him just simply logging off and never coming back after I sent the first part of the payment that we agreed on: Any other proofs needed? I hope this guy spends the poor 10 euros on medicine. Go buy urself some candles as well while you're at it. Damn retards.
  2. Hello everyone, As the title suggests, I'm actually looking to buy l2devil gear this time! Hit me up on a pm with what you have and pricing! Thanks!
  3. Hello, Selling two fully geared characters on L2Devil.WS - +20 Elegia robe set, with sigil - +20 Jewels set, with AQ and Beleth both - +20 Buster, top augment - Top skins on the server - All classes in the game, made, enchanted and ready to be used - A lot of currencies on the account as well. - Kamael has All 3 types of top weapons, top jewels, set. Package sale only, price is 50 Euro for everything. *NOTE* Please do not bother messaging me if you want me to give you the items before you have paid. Screenshots of the char (or pretty much anything else you'd like as proof) and items can be provided as proof that everything is legitimate. Please PM me here if interested.
  4. Hello guys, I'm currently playing on retail and am looking for a working bot. It seems more of the sticky topics are very old and outdated. Can someone suggest a good bot solution? :) Thanks!
  5. Woah! Thanks a lot! Been looking for this for a while now!