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  1. Wts 5.000 Devil Coins on current version. Payment with PayPal, buyer trading first.100% Secure, Flexible prices.Contact here.
  2. Wts 8.000 Devil Coins on server(+Gear if intrested) Payment with PayPal, buyer trading first. 100% Secure, Flexible prices. Contact here.
  3. Wts 35 Billions Adena, flexible price. Only payment via PayPal. Payment first then trade. 100% secure! Contact me here.
  4. Doubletop Spear +6 - Level 7 - Haste Moirai Heavy Set +8 - Level 7 - Foundation Periel Dualswords +4 - Level7 Vesper Heavy Set Found +6/+8 - Level4/7 - Foundation Core+4 (Edited Stats) Zaken+6 Frintezza Neck +4 300 Festival Adena 20 Donation Pounds 2 Accounts with Doombringers/Soultakers(DODs) Pm Here For Info Fast And Reliable Trade
  5. Hello I want to report a guy name Ghosty22 his profile page is We agreed on a trade and he said he was scammed before and will not give money 1rst, so I thought it would be okay to give items first because he seemed to be a nice guy. I made the trade and then he stops responding to me and never paid the money. I don't care about the items at all. But this guy is a seller in your site and he needs to be banned soon so no one gets scammed again. Thanks in advance! p.s. I own a video of proof with the conversation and personal information if any admin needs these!
  6. Recurve Bow+20 STR+Duel Might. Vorpal Leather Set+20 4 - Blessed Scroll Armor+20 Devil Belt+10 Devil Shirt+10 Agathion(Epic Boss Drop) - Exile 800 Devil Coins 250 Billion Adena Valakas Soulshot/B.Soulshots Skin Package Sale, PM for offer and info! Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello all, selling stuff in l2devil (aeron project) Bow+20 with STR+Duel Might, vorpal leather set+20, 500dc, devil shirt+10, devil belt+10, fa/ga/adena. Thanks in advance!
  8. Sell bow +20 with STR+1 with Duel Might passive and archangel+16 INT+1 with Wild Magic passive! Cheap!
  9. Hello, I sell recurve bow +20 with STR+1 & Duel Might passive skill and lindvior crossbow skin.