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  1. Hello this captcha is still viable to use or is there any better optimized by you?
  2. There is the League of Legends, Marketplace, I have an account, I need money and I want to sell it, so I think there is a place here where I can sell it, maybe people do not actually call the league of legends in this forum, but I think it's worth just trying to post, someone should be interested.
  3. It returns the message that is intended "requestor.sendMessage (" This is incorrect target or is in refusal mode. "); however, I'd like it to go to the end of the code and send the party invite, I do not get null on the console.
  4. Hello friends, I have a problem about sending party to a fakeplayer, I am sending it and java recognizes the fake as target null "if (target == null)". However, fake receives trade normally, and the trade uses the same party code, I will make available the party and trade code below. I used the "+" to show where the code stops, identifying the target as nullo, however it should go to the end and send the invite to fake equal the trade. RequestJoinParty.java (acis374) TradeRequest.java(acis 374) Text generated by google translate.
  5. I have the option of using smartguard Hwid and lameguard protection, would you advise me to buy a protection anyway, or should I keep my protection mentioned above with .botreport command?
  6. Seeing the account of the Brazilian server, with 53 champions of 15k blue essences, platinum border,1 receive on remaining account to refund skins and champions, currently gold 1, 43 pdl, amount of skins and skins in the images below. I get in euro by paypal and in reals. Account : https://imgur.com/qxEbEJS The player will have to hold until the end of the year of expiration all the information of the account that there is no risk of ChargeBack! Skins links: https://imgur.com/hpr7Pzn https://imgur.com/zJLxZkY https://imgur.com/hGHBFIC Chroma DragonSlayer Vayne https://imgur.com/0iTr4FK Icons links: https://imgur.com/dEiAAW8 https://imgur.com/RhbgGkh Price to match!
  7. This file is missing "com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.custom.SoloZoneManager;" and the properties in the config for SoloZone to work.
  8. Poor dream rsrs. I just wanted a version of smartguard where adrenaline crackled, this file was a hope of that. I even downloaded the system and opened to see if the smartguard logo appeared. ;/
  9. I looked at the source files and noticed that it has hwid smartguard, lameguard and ROGuard, this is enough to bar Adrenaline? Another doubt, is this lameguard a sold protection or is it the name given to a crackpot protection? Text generated by google translate.
  10. I know the elf is no longer supporting this mod, but would any friend of the forum know how to tell fake to receive pm and / invite normally? Or how to put fake into a clan? If someone knows or has the code could help? Thankful.
  11. Friends, any expert knows or can crack or freeze this version of smartguard shared by @Xenokage, @ToNoobForscool gave a sense of where to start. Can anyone with experience meet this challenge?
  12. Could you show me the frozen smartguard link you mentioned and how to crack the same? Edit: Do I get it wrong? Do you show where the token is to crack the link cited by the friend?
  13. Thanks for helping, I was able to use Anti AFK - TVT, very grateful !!
  14. I'm extremely grateful Kara, just get me a single question, I'm using Acis 374, it has no PcInstance.java I believe I have been replaced by Player.java and also does not have ThreadPoolManager.java only ThreadPool.java and also does not have L2Character .java, I believe it has been replaced by Creature.java, if I am wrong could you give me a light? because that slows me down when adding the mod. I tried putting on the cited files and had errors on the ThreadPool.getInstance (). Follow the images below; ThreadPool.java : https://imgur.com/r7Kcl9a Player.java : https://imgur.com/mptTG0A Creature.java : https://imgur.com/96gP8ao