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  1. I would like to know why the free hate, I just want a file, the fact that you say or really know more than I do not mean anything, the topic is simply a purchase, is not a topic to discuss who knows more or who has a file , I am here with more respect, the fact that if I am Brazilian does not diminish me or this would be xenophobia? To those who are interested to take the topic seriously thank you.
  2. The goal of the topic is very clear friend, "SmartGuard 2015/2016 with dsetup.u" I paid for anyone selling me the smartguard running in these versions with the dsetup compiler where I can add the ip of my server for me to use. Obs: Maybe it's a little out of context because I'm using google translate.
  3. The old thing I have what I want is someone who takes the ip from the other person and gives me the dsetup compiler so I can tie it to my ip.
  4. I understand what you mean, however, we are talking about old codes, old codes are missing like any code that is updated daily and this may have a flaw that allows you not to be forced to update and stay in the same version forever.
  5. It has a lot of Brazilian server using this same version of SmartGuard only with changes in dsetup.dll and dsetup.u. This version: https://imgur.com/a/Ii22QT8 Since the original version is already in 3.0 One observation, servers that have not been online for years have this active protection still for ip, and any server practically that neither capacity to protect itself with mods and etc has that same protection directed towards their ip, servers that open and close in 4 or 5 days. So it is impossible that they are paying for a version of SmartGuard that does not update, that is never without key and that never changes. Dsetup.dll e dsetup.u 2017 and still work. https://imgur.com/a/0Djbidg I'm just behind this version.
  6. I'm looking for the outdated version 2015/2016 SmartGuard that all Brazilian servers are using, if you send me private message with the price, grateful.
  7. It worked, it was really just saving the .dds without the map, thank you very much for the help.
  8. Good night friends, I'm having a recent problem when trying to add UTX Logo to any NPC, the problem is every time I add the UTX in the npc gatekeeper for example from the // reload html and I see the UTX it's all blurry or blurry as you can see in the link the front -> https://imgur.com/a/BlWcn53 , I follow step by step do the PNG of the logo in photoshop, saved in .DDS I open the unreal engine import the dds and saved in utx and cryptograph it and put in the folder systexture and change the html from npc, and even then it stays the way you saw the link, can anyone help? Generate for Google Translate